productive cough

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1. a sudden noisy expulsion of air from the lungs; called also tussis.
2. to produce such an expulsion of air.
dry cough cough without expectoration.
productive cough cough attended with expectoration of material from the bronchi.
reflex cough a cough due to the irritation of some remote organ.
wet cough productive cough.
whooping cough see whooping cough.
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pro·duct·ive cough

(prŏ-dŭk'tiv kawf)
A cough accompanied by expectoration.
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1st author Age /[male] Presentation 1 Jiramethee [14] 61 F Worsening dyspnea & fever 2 Garcia-Quintero [7] 24 F Recurrent pneumonia, fever, and cough 3 Garcia-Quintero [7] 57 M Cough, hemoptysis, & flank pain 4 Ghanem [15] 43 M Abdominal pain 5 Al-Shurafa [6] 37 F Dry cough, chest pain, & dyspnea 6 Nguyen [8] 41 M Presented for revisional surgery 7 Ladd [16] 25 F Recurrent pneumonia 8 Andrawes [17] 54 F Septic shock 9 Present case 24 M Productive cough, dyspnea, & recurrent pneumonia Duration to No.
Chronic productive cough was present in 39 (90.6%) patients being the most common clinical presentation in our population.
Multinational pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKlein (GSK) recently presented its over-the-counter medicines-ceterizine, an antihistamine for allergies, and ambroxol hydrochloride for productive coughs (coughs with phlegm)-in its Expert Moms campaign.
tuberculosis and presenting an active manifestation of TB may also exhibit signs and symptoms such as persistent and productive cough, night sweats, weight loss, and low morning fever.
The common symptoms of endobronchial TB are productive cough, hemoptysis, breathlessness, and wheeze.
In December 2010, the patient's only symptom was persistent productive cough; however, the sputum culture was again positive, and high-resolution CT revealed a worsening condition of his lungs (Figure, panel B).
Source and reason for referrals Number (%) Referral source general practitioners 71 (95) Referral reason chronic cough 53 (71) productive cough 13 (17) other 9 (12) Table 3.
A 15-year female student was admitted with the bilateral progressive neck swelling for 1 year, low-grade intermittent fever, and productive cough for 2 weeks.
More than half of the participants (53%; n = 8/15) had a cough and of those, 63% (n = 5/8) had a productive cough (Fig.
The two major phenotypes of COPD are emphysema and chronic bronchitis; the latter defined as a chronic productive cough for at least 3 months of the year in two consecutive years.
Today, doctors know more about the effect of colds on anesthesia and feel that it is generally safe to do a minor procedure that doesn't involve the airway if a child is not wheezing and does not have a productive cough nor a high fever.