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the creation or bringing forth of something.
carbon dioxide production the amount of carbon dioxide produced by the tissues, measured as the amount of carbon dioxide given off by the lungs; normally 200 ml/min (or 3.0 ml/kg/min), but increased with increased metabolic rate.
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Substance abuse The manufacture, planting, cultivation, growing, or harvesting of a controlled substance or marijuana
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Q. Is it safe for teenagers to use weight loss products? This isn't an ethical question, but quite literally asking if it is safe for a teenager to use weight loss solutions like weight loss milkshakes and other things of that nature. Thanks in advance!

A. From health point of view- there shouldn’t be a problem if those products are safe. But from an educational view- the minute you start relaying on weight loss products to loose weight for you- you become lazy. Then you’ll loose weight and gain it back with some extra. You need to start acquiring good habits while you are young- balanced nutrition and sports.

Q. i am diabetic :( what is the right diet for me? should i avoid sugar based products? what is the amount of sugar in the blood that consider to be normal ?

A. You may find it all here:

Q. are colon cleansing products safe and are they beneficial?

A. Unless you are having a problem with regularity I wouldn't fool around with cleansing products. Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink LOTS of water. Before I would do any colon cleansing I would add a product like metamucil or bran.

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Approach Entertainment will be offering complete integrated management, productions and line productions solutions in Bollywood Film Industry, Advertising Productions, Music Videos productions, Viral Films Productions, TV Productions, Serial Productions and Corporate Films Productions.
New section 199 of the Internal Revenue Code (2) provides a large segment of American business with a significant tax deduction for domestic production activities.
It may not be Hollywood, but Confederation College film production program graduate Jay Cano, 24, sees his hometown of Thunder Bay as a good place to get his start in the film and video production business.
But the movie, co produced by Disney's Buena Vista Films and Mexico's Argos Productions, used Ollin Studio, a Mexico City post-production company.
The unions adversely affected by the runaway productions phenomenon in California and New York are making headway in their lobbying efforts.
Anna Kisselgoff made a shrewd comment when she likened Guillem's approach to that of Peter Brook in his own revolutionary productions of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and Bizet's opera Carmen.
While both national and international theater communities wait for the curtains to rise on Act III of August Wilson's ongoing crusade on behalf of Black Theater and while they expect any day now his eighth play, King Hedley II, Yvonne Shafer's August Wilson: A Research and Production Sourcebook provides an opportunity for those who may not yet be familiar with the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner to examine one other perspective on his productive and prolific career: play productions.
Procter & Gamble Productions' long-running daytime dramas, "As the World Turns" and "Guiding Light," will serve as anchor tenants of the new facility.
As long as the recorders are rolling and the productions running, as long as no one's flipping out, or claiming to be in love with him, or asking fo money or for empathy or for better roles or for more of a say, all that destructive stupidity, he has none.
Hollywood is heading south these days, shooting ever more productions below the Rio Grande and sparking fierce competition to pull in big-ticket foreign productions, which pump millions of dollars into local economies.
Runaway productions, like Hollywood North, has a nice ring to it.
According to New York Studios founding partner Louis Madigan, the project will answer a critical need in New York City's film and television industry, which lacks full-service production facilities for feature films and major episodic television productions.

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