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the creation or bringing forth of something.
carbon dioxide production the amount of carbon dioxide produced by the tissues, measured as the amount of carbon dioxide given off by the lungs; normally 200 ml/min (or 3.0 ml/kg/min), but increased with increased metabolic rate.


Substance abuse The manufacture, planting, cultivation, growing, or harvesting of a controlled substance or marijuana

Patient discussion about production

Q. Is it safe for teenagers to use weight loss products? This isn't an ethical question, but quite literally asking if it is safe for a teenager to use weight loss solutions like weight loss milkshakes and other things of that nature. Thanks in advance!

A. From health point of view- there shouldn’t be a problem if those products are safe. But from an educational view- the minute you start relaying on weight loss products to loose weight for you- you become lazy. Then you’ll loose weight and gain it back with some extra. You need to start acquiring good habits while you are young- balanced nutrition and sports.

Q. i am diabetic :( what is the right diet for me? should i avoid sugar based products? what is the amount of sugar in the blood that consider to be normal ?

A. You may find it all here:

Q. are colon cleansing products safe and are they beneficial?

A. Unless you are having a problem with regularity I wouldn't fool around with cleansing products. Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink LOTS of water. Before I would do any colon cleansing I would add a product like metamucil or bran.

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Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare have released the third Advanced Estimate (2018-19) of area and production of various horticulture Crops.
Of the forage crops, the total area of alfalfa cultivation amounted to 23,765 acres, with a total production of 378,510 tonnes while the total area of Rhodes grass cultivation reached 86,403 acres, with a production of 1,176,810 tonnes.
Some 69.9 percent of industrial goods were produced in the extractive sector, 25.1 percent accounted for the processing sector, 4.3 percent - for the production, distribution and supply of electricity, gas and steam, and 0.7 percent were provided by the water supply, waste treatment and recycling.
Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare has released the Second Advanced Estimate (2018-19) of Area and Production of various Horticulture Crops, as compiled from information received from different State/UTs and source agencies.
* Total PGM production (expressed as 5E+Au metal in concentrate) decreased 6% to 998,900 ounces, (normalising for the transition of Sibanye-Stillwater material to a tolling arrangement), due to the once-off benefit of additional ore stockpile which increased production at Mototolo and Unki in Q1 2018, as well as Eskom power disruptions and operational challenges across the portfolio in the quarter
Endeavour Silver reports 2018 consolidated production of 5.5 million oz silver and 52,967 oz gold, for silver equivalent production of 9.5 million oz at a 75:1 silver: gold ratio.
ISLAMABAD -- The production of Motorcycles and three-wheelers in the country increased to 1.209 million units during first nine months of current fiscal year as compared to the production of 998,040 units in July-March (2015-16).
Indices of Industrial Production (IIP) measures the progress in production of Japanese domestic businesses.
In March 2015, the working day adjusted Industrial Production Index increased by 2.9% as compared to March 2014, according to preliminary data of Bulgariaas National Statistical Institute (NSI).
Muscat: Total production of electricity and water in Oman recorded a significant rise at the end of 2014 compared to 2013.
Sultanate Electricity Production exceeds 28.7 GW Per Hour in 2014
Tokyo, Japan, Sept 26, 2006 - (JCN) - Kyowa Hakko today announced that it has developed the world's first fermentation-based method for the commercial production of L-Tyrosine.

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