product inhibition

prod·uct in·hi·bi·tion

inhibition of an enzyme activity by a product of the reaction catalyzed by that enzyme.
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To confirm the ping-pong kinetic model suggested by the initial velocity patterns, a product inhibition study with [NADP.sup.+] was performed.
Recently, the CPC acylase is very attractive at industrial level because it possesses very simple with reducing cost, although its catalytic performance, including its activity and product inhibition resistance, is not yet as satisfactory as that of the GL-7-ACA acylase (2,11).
Brownlee, Mechanistic Studies of Advanced Glycosylation End Product Inhibition by Aminoguanidine, Diabetes 41, 26 (1992).
The end product inhibition is a challenge for the researchers working to enhance product concentration.Undissociated bio-butyric acid gets ahead of through the bacterial membrane and detaches within the cell.
Effect of product inhibition by galactose has also been evaluated for studying its potential biotechnological application in lactose hydrolysis.
Production of protease by fermentation in homogeneous system inhibited by product inhibition and catabolic repression as cells and product formation takes place in a single phase [3].
The Method ,Suitability Test replaces the Preparatory Test for product inhibition. Both the growth-promotion organisms and the methodology have been significantly updated to include more types of organisms and different growth media.
Not surprisingly, iron catalysts suffer from product inhibition due to the product water (Schultz, 1999)--the gas phase becomes more oxidizing.
However, under standard assay conditions, no product inhibition occurs because the amount of [[13.sup.][C.sub.2]] - [[sup.2][H.sub.3]]creatine formed is <1 nmol, and significant inhibition only occurs at product concentrations [greater than or equal to]25 nmol.
The apparent kinetic parameters of this equation, reflecting also the phenomenon of product inhibition by ATP excess [6], have the following meaning:

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