product inhibition

prod·uct in·hi·bi·tion

inhibition of an enzyme activity by a product of the reaction catalyzed by that enzyme.
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Furthermore, we will develop a RNA-promoted reaction with turnover beyond product inhibition.
Production of protease by fermentation in homogeneous system inhibited by product inhibition and catabolic repression as cells and product formation takes place in a single phase [3].
The major drawback of protease production in industrial scale is catabolic repression and product inhibition, which can be solved by doing extractive fermentation using ATPSs.
The apparent kinetic parameters of this equation, reflecting also the phenomenon of product inhibition by ATP excess [6], have the following meaning:
Pervaporation can be used for the in situ separation of a product in order to increase the time and rate of the fermentation process, as well as to avoid product inhibition.

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