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1. decay product.
2. arising from cell division, as a daughter cell.
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In nuclear medicine, an isotope that is the disintegration product of a radionuclide. See: daughter isotope, radionuclide generator.
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1. One's female child.
2. A female descendant.
3. The immediate product of the radioactive decay of an element.
1. Possessing the characteristics of a daughter; having the relationship of a daughter.
2. Of or relating to a cell, organelle, or other structure produced by division or replication: daughter cell; daughter DNA.
3. Produced by or resulting from the decay of a radioactive element: daughter atom; daughter nuclide.

daugh′ter·ly adj.
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Cell biology A progeny cell from mitosis
Family medicine A female offspring
Nuclear medicine A radionuclide formed from the radioactive decay of a parent molecule
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In nuclear medicine, an isotope that is the disintegration product of a radionuclide.
See: daughter isotope, radionuclide generator
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Patient discussion about daughter

Q. Will my daughter have endometriosis also? I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 15. Now, 15 years and many efforts later I finally have an adorable baby girl. Because I had such a bad experience with endometriosis, I'm a little worried- will she have endometriosis too? Is it genetic? Can I do something to prevent it?

A. Your daughter has higher chances to also suffer from endometriosis, but there's really nothing you can do to prevent it, so for the time being you shouldn't really worry about it. What you can do is to be more aware of the appearance of symptoms, so it can be diagnosed more quickly.

Q. I had one daughter and I believe that she is with ADHD.. This is Linda, I had one daughter and I believe that she is with ADHD. In about three weeks, my daughter is going to be 3 years old. She is very hyperactive and she can’t sit in a place even for 2 minutes. She’s just hitting every body around the house even when we go out in the playground or at relative houses. I just really don't know what to do any more. What do you think I should do? I am wondering if you can give me some advice!

A. diagnosing ADHD is done on older age then 3. It is important to understand that diagnosis of ADHD usually comes after the age of 6 -before that it can be a wrong diagnosis. even after the age of 6 it's not an easy diagnosis and hyperactivity can be caused by several other things. could be very active thyroid, but most of the time it's called - childhood :)

Q. Should I Vaccinate My Daughter Against HPV? I have a 12 year old daughter. Her School wants all the girls aged 12 and up to be vaccinated against HPV. A lot of Parents are against this vaccine. I want to know more about this vaccine and if I should vaccinate my daughter.

A. before you would like to go on with any vaccination, you should check out this very long list of links:


at the bottom you will also find links in english. vaccinations in general are very disputable/dubious and it is probably time that we learn about it.

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