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the ectodermal depression of the caudal end of the embryo, which becomes the anal canal; called also anal pit.
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, pl.


(prok'tō-dē'ŭm, -dē'ă),
1. Terminal portion of the insect alimentary canal, extending from the pylorus (area of malpighian tubule attachment) to the anal opening; in certain diptera (flies) and other insects, the proctodeum is divided into a tubular anterior intestine and an enlarged posterior intestine, or rectum, ending at the anus.
2. Synonym(s): anal pit
[L. fr. G. prōktos, anus + hodaios, on the way, fr. hodos, a way]
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n. pl. procto·dea (-dē′ə) or procto·deums also procto·daea (-dē′ə) or procto·daeums
An inward fold on the surface of the embryonic ectoderm that develops into part of the anal passage.
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a·nal pit

(ā'năl pit)
1. An ectodermally lined depression under the taillike caudal eminence adjacent to the terminal part of the embryonic hindgut; at its bottom, proctodeal ectoderm and cloacal endoderm form the cloacal plate. When this epithelial plate ruptures, the anal and urogenital external orifices are established.
Synonym(s): proctodeum.
2. Terminal portion of the insect alimentary canal.
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