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 [a´nus] (pl. a´nus)
the opening of the rectum on the body surface.
 The anus. Left, Endoanal magnetic resonance image of the sphincter muscles. High-definition images can be obtained by using an endoanal MRI coil. Right, Explanatory diagram (coronal view in a normal patient). From Aspinall and Taylor Robinson, 2001.
imperforate anus congenital absence of the normal opening of the rectum. Called also anal atresia and atresia ani.
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a·nal a·tre·si·a

, atresia ani
congenital absence of an anal opening due to the persistence of epithelial plug (persistence of the anal membrane) or to complete absence of the anal canal.
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a·nal a·tre·si·a

, atresia ani (ā'năl ă-trē'zē-ă, ă-trē'zē-ă' ā'nī)
Congenital absence of an anal opening due to the presence of a membranous septum (persistence of the cloacal membrane) or a complete absence of the anal canal.
Synonym(s): imperforate anus (1) , proctatresia.
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