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1170), in a tranquil pool where the procreant urge he shares with the boys and Whitman can be mastered.
As it shall be recalled that mental health conceived Africentrically compels ADP to prioritize the life and living of their own race first, then precluded proactively is the procreant function with Eurasians--who as a collective apparently because of TEP have shown themselves as enemies everywhere at all times in all things.
(7a) ADP must stop following Eurasian culture-based sexual practices, attitudes and related male-female role concepts tainted as they are with defensive reflex and attendant psychic trauma about "Whiteness" which have affected the procreant function drive adversely and perversely in Eurasians from the time of their genesis to the present.
Without the vital force of the Creator, the Ka, being transmitted in the procreant function, there is no conception.
Equally, as well, the vertical connection extends forward to future progeny not yet born via Ka literally disbursed in the procreant function.
There is a sense in which "the procreant urge of the world" is a form of subjugation from which no one is free.
In "Canto LXXXI," this Vision is lifted to lowly apogee and procreant climax in stanzas which have since become Pound's signature perfection.
3): "Urge and urge and urge, /Always the procreant urge of the world" (LG 30).
Upon codification as a deep thought statement of what the nature of original human nature (i.e., the nature of the African) or human personality is, the mythos is informing allegorically that the sexes are complementary parts that complete the other, consubstantially equal or the same in Divine essence, and lifelong obligated to the procreant function and the protective function as parents have to protect young offspring who, in turn, may have to protect aging parents.
The creation mythos cannot accommodate any family formation or sexual practice in which the procreant function is precluded, obviated, or its sacrosanctity is compromised.
This position is dismissible as it champions individualism over collective responsibility in the context of the procreant function.
One implication of four is the client must exercise extreme caution in the procreant function as to preclude the possibility of making an offspring with a partner who also carries the recessive trait.