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An extinct genus of primates that lived in African rainforests 23 million to 17 million years ago during the Miocene epoch
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Yet, as Carnes Lord, a professor of military and naval strategy at the Naval War College, points out in this incisive study of the history of American proconsulship, Americans were always ambivalent about the concept--and often maladroit at its implementation.
On their return, they wrote glowing accounts of his efficient and statesmanlike proconsulship, in which they discerned elements that France itself might draw lessons from.
Authors such as William Borden, John Dower, and Michael Schaller - rejecting the "traditionalist" view that the American proconsulship was benevolent in attitude and liberal in outlook - have stressed the impact of the Cold War and the class interests of U.S.
In Japan, under General Douglas MacArthur's proconsulship, the U.S.
In a letter to Antoninus Pius (8), Fronto thanks the emperor for having awarded him the proconsulship of Asia, his second choice.
So there is no escaping nemesis: according to Hirshson, the reactionary politics that harmed General Patton during his proconsulship in Bavaria were due to his wife's family's pernicious influence.
Maximus of our text as Eburnus, consul in 116 and thus available for a proconsulship in Macedonia and Greece in 115.