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Procidentia with carcinoma of the cervix may be influenced by the age group, for carcinoma of the cervix is usually seen in relatively younger women; the older women thus have gone safely through the period when carcinoma usually develops, finally developing prolapse without carcinoma; those of the younger age may develop carcinoma of the cervix and are cured or succumb before procidentia develops; moreover, carcinoma of the cervix by causing fixation of the uterus may prevent the development of procidentia.
We have tried to correlate the findings with definite association, but its practical implication in predicting as a significant risk factor or a protective factor for development of cervical malignancy, "the infrequency of carcinoma of the cervix with complete procidentia," requires more research in terms of more number of patients in study, and very important is their follow-up study such as how many patients of prolapse develop malignancy when compared with patients without descent.
The infrequency of carcinoma of the cervix with complete procidentia. Ann Surg 1932; 96(4):796-800.
Disturbances in the defecation mechanism with special reference to intussusception of the rectum (internal procidentia).
After examining the patients majority of women (76%) presented as third degree and fourth degree (procidentia) prolapse due to late presentation.
72.38% (68 out of 94) presented to us with third degree descent and another 8 patients had procidentia. This could be due to attaining late treatment because of socio-cultural and financial factors.
However, for a very elderly woman--one in her late 80s or 90s--who has severe or extreme prolapse with a very large procidentia and vaginal length measuring, say, 13 cm beyond the introitus, I do prefer an obliterative procedure.
39 had second degree prolapse, whereas only three of them had first degree prolapse and two patient each had procidentia and vault prolapse.
The use of triple vaginal ring pessaries in procidentia prior to total Prolift procedure.