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the subjecting of something to a series of operations or events to produce desired changes.
sensory processing the ability to interpret sensory stimuli, a performance component of occupational therapy.
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1. Posttranslational modification of proteins, particularly secretory proteins and proteins targeted for membranes or specific cellular locations. Synonym(s): trafficking
2. Posttranscriptional modification of polynucleic acids.
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Managed care See Electronic claims processing Neurology See Natural language processing.
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The activity of effecting a series of changes in something so as to achieve a particular result.
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The activity of effecting a series of changes in something so as to achieve a particular result.
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Q. how to treat diabetes when in the process of rehab of alcohol? my father, unfortunately is suffering from both- alcoholism and diabetes. I need to find a way to change his life completly, change his daily behaviour to a healthier one. any suggestions?

A. I am not aware of alcoholism. If diabetes is concern i have web site which provides information on alternative treatments such as ayurvedic herbs, homeopathy, yoga and acupressure treatments. Please visit

Q. I had sugery on a fractured heel what is the recovery process? Wanting to meet people who are going thru this now or have already recovered from this injury. What should I expect?

A. Hey doyen_98, I was wondering how the recovery was coming along. How long ago have you had the surgery?

Q. What is the process a general physician would use to diagnose adult ADHD? I'm have an appointment with my primary care physician to be screened for adult ADHD. Does anyone know what he will do in order to test and diagnose me?

A. Actually I was just diagnosed with ADHD. I'm 57. My doctor sent me to a phyciatrist, and he asked me several questions. Gave me a scrip and want to see me back in a month. I answered 26 questions, and he rated on my answers.

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The processing of rubber compounds which consist of a multitude of different substances requires that no ingredients of this heterogenous mixture can escape from the mixing chamber.
The traditional group had 9 subjects; the processing instruction group had 11; and the control group 10.
KLIK.COM Remittance Processing Services has quickly gained recognition, and is now being considered by many of the areas largest banks.
Also, the data can be manipulated for spreadsheet or word processing operations.
The factors to watch for at this step are similar to those seen in previous processing steps, but they cannot be overlooked.
Registration information for the 22nd International IKV Plastics Technology Colloquium is available from the Institute of Plastics Processing, tel.: +49 241 80-23842; fax: +49 241 80-22316.
Thermodynamic plastic dryers utilize the application of radiant conducted heat to accelerate the drying process and are intended for use with molding or extrusion machines processing up to 50 lb/hr of material.
Some BSP offerings are closer to ASP offerings, such as limited process management and transaction processing, while full-process management and process content are closer to BPO offerings," Scholl said.
Here is a typical conversation drawn from a recent study of a food processing company:
Conventional SSM processing involves the reheating of billets to a semi solid state and subsequently casting them in a diecasting machine.
Traditionally, business process outsourcing, which is the delegation of a business process to an outside vendor who manages the process, has been limited primarily to corporate administrative functions, such as payroll processing, accounts receivable and payable, and cash management.
Figure 2 gives an example where two sources of the same SBR have the same Mooney viscosity value but show different viscoelastic profiles from RPA analysis which predict different processing characteristics.

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