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Using patented visual recognition technologies that do not require integration or programming to work with other applications, the Verint Robotic Process Automation solution can run business processes across multiple applications and enable step-by-step process recording using clicks of a mouse and navigation within existing user interfaces of those applications.
They introduce us to process recording, that is, writing records which reflect on one's own tutoring but also reflect back so that other tutors can talk, share, and discuss.
The system can also be controlled remotely from a PC using the supplied Windows-based software that has process recording capability.
The new FX1000 paperless recording system from Yokogawa (Newnan, GA), provides premium features and performance for process recording applications.
The system can also be controlled remotely from a PC, using supplied Windows-based software that has process recording capability.
Appendices feature classic stage theories of development, an interpersonal process recording form, stress management/self-care exercises, a glossary, and nursing care plan.
He once won Celebrity Mastermind, in the process recording the highest ever score answering questions on human blood.
Sustaining a fast gallop, there was no danger of him getting caught and the eventual result was a mere formality, the winning distance was nearly four lengths in the process recording a slightly disappointing 23.
We certainly aren't skiving, though' it's a tough process recording and we also perform at a lot of summer concerts.
Her process recording describes her efforts to help a woman, newly diagnosed with cancer, by following a set agenda and demonstrates difficulty being flexible in her approach and individualizing her responses based on the needs of this particular client.
The qualitative methods discussed include ethnographic interviewing, process recording, graphic methods, and participant observation.
The service will primarily consist of recording, web stream and process recording.
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