process consent

pro·cess con·sent

(pros'es kŏn-sent')
An ongoing transactional process by which a patient or participant collaborates in making a decision about continued participation or care.
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60) Only if this threshold is traversed do we need to address questions of risk management and monitoring that form the foundation for process consent.
Of course, acceptance at the process consent level depends on first having achieved threshold consent as described in the previous section.
We have used xenotransplantation here as an example through which to illustrate the complexity of process consent for any new technology.
Although we have sketched out the concerns that need to be addressed at the process consent level and have even suggested some mechanisms that may be able to act as vehicles for that consent, we do not claim to have fully set out either the concerns or the options.
6601(c) exists to encourage the Service to promptly process consents to assess tax and that when a taxpayer executes a Form 870 or other consent to assess a deficiency, the interest-free period provided by Sec.
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