procedure code

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pro·ce·dure code

(prǒ-sē'jĕr kōd)
Numbers that identify health care services provided to a patient (required by HIPAA).
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Section 144 is a temporary order passed in 'urgent cases of nuisance or to apprehend danger,' according to the Criminal Procedure Code.
2000, and the same had attained finality Objection petition filed by insurance company to the effect tha proceedings could be carried out without there being a for maldecree had also been dismissed on 19-3-2017, and the same had also not been challenged After order date 19-3-2017, insurance company had been appearing before Insurance Tribunal and seeking time to adjust the claim but no positive step was taken to satisfy claim of respondent Insurance Tribunal was left with no other option but to resort to coercive mechanism provided in civil Procedure Code, 1908, in exercise of powers conferred upon it Under S.
Cabinet also approved a proposal to revise the Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code to take legal action against hate speech.
They maintained that the powers to implement Sections 22-A and 22-B of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) should be given back to the Sessions courts.
The defense team filed a motion to change the sentence because of the changes in the Criminal Procedure Code, which entered into force this year.
Deciding on Prosecutor's Custody Motion against the suspects in the Milenko Gojgolovic case, on 2 February 2019, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued a decision ordering the suspect Milenko Gojgolovic into pre-trial custody on the statutory grounds prescribed in Article 132(1), Subparagraphs a) and b), of the Criminal Procedure Code of BiH, which include the flight risk and reasonable fear that, if released, the suspect might affect the criminal proceedings by interfering with the witnesses.
The amendments and changes to the Code on Administrative Offenses, Civil Code, Labor Code, Civil Procedure Code, as well as to the Law on Antimonopoly Activity, the Law on Electronic Commerce, the Law on Mandatory Insurance, the Law on Unfair Competition, the Law on the Protection of Foreign Investments and other regulatory documents will be discussed at the meeting.
Summary: Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) [India], Dec 8 (ANI): The Pathanamthitta district administration on Saturday extended prohibitory orders issued under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) imposed in and around Sabarimala temple areas till the midnight of December 12.
His statement was also recorded under Section 342 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC).
'I am therefore satisfied the accused person has exculpated herself in respect of the charge and I shall acquit her under Section215 of the Criminal Procedure Code,' Bidali said.
In order to determine the conditions under which the extraordinary way to file the appeal for annulment may be used, we must start from the text of the Civil Procedure Code, precisely the article 503 para (1) and (2) according to which, "(1) Definitive judgments can be appealed with an appeal for annulment when the contestant was not legally summoned nor was he present at the time of the trial.(2) The judgments of the appeal courts may also be challenged with an appeal for annulment when: 1.

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