procedure code

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pro·ce·dure code

(prǒ-sē'jĕr kōd)
Numbers that identify health care services provided to a patient (required by HIPAA).
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25 cases were registered under sections of 506, 293, 387, 386 and 377 of the criminal procedure code and sections of Anti-Terrorism Act whereas six other cases were registered under sections of criminal procedure code alone.
Karachi -- The Home Department has under section 144 (6) Criminal Procedure Code, 1898 prohibited the entry and further stay of the fire-brand sectarian speakers hailing from other provinces in the territorial limits of the province of Sindh.
Bulgariaas Chief Prosecutor or a deputy will be authorized to stop financial transactions or property deals for a period of 48 hours, according to a proposal for changes to the Criminal Procedure Code tabled by four political parties.
Chairman of the parliamentary committee on judicial, legal affairs and rule of law Toktogul Tumanov said that the drafts of Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Civil Procedure Code, law on enforcement proceedings and the status of bailiffs, law on the status of judges, law on guaranteed state legal aid and others are expected to be submitted soon for consideration.
Tweet Widget Facebook Like Email Afghan President Hamid Karzai should refuse to sign a new criminal procedure code that would effectively deny women protection from domestic violence and forced or child marriage, Human Rights Watch said today.
According to the state home department, these cases will be withdrawn using Sections 288 and 321 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC).
A new draft of the criminal procedure code is currently being considered by the lower house of the parliament, according to Human Rights Watch, which claimed seeing the proposed legislative measure.
Court fixed May 17 as the next date for recording the statements of Talwar couple under Section 313 of the Criminal Procedure Code.
The court's decision regarding a preventive measure for Tymoshenko in the summer of 2011 was completely legal because the old Soviet-era Criminal Procedure Code was in force, which envisaged the application of preventive measures in the form of arrest in the case of suspicion that the accused may escape justice or prevent it," said the Head of the PGO Department Mikhail Shorin.
Summary: The police registered the case against the Congress leader under Section 156 of the Criminal Procedure Code.
This it attributes to four specific reforms: easier property registration, greater use of electronic filing and payment systems, reduced bureaucracy in insolvency filings, and the introduction of a new civil procedure code reducing the time necessary for enforcement of commercial contracts.
Secretary of state to the Prime Minister Ridha Belhaj pointed out that these crimes concern the interior state security whose files had been submitted to justice by virtue of the law on terrorism, the press code, law on demonstrations, the telecommunications code or other provisions of the Civil Procedure Code and other codes, notably that of military procedure.

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