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In Figure 4 (i to vi), procambium, which will give rise to vascular bundles, is observed above the embryonic axis, passing through its lateral, distributing in an ordered way, as it distances from the embryonic axis, it follows branching, becoming peripheral near the protoderm, and remaining thus in all its distal region.
El Ni se acumulan en la region apical de la planta, en el procambium y en las celulas parenquimaticas de la planta.
Fifteen days after the callus isolation on a SI medium, it was possible to observe in a sample of 'RB93509' cultivar the connection of shoot meristems with procambium tissues (Figure 2B).
Despite the lack of knowledge on the molecular nature of this network, the available data implicate gradually restricted transport routes of the plant hormone auxin in defining sites of procambium formation [16].
A certain degree of internal differentiation was observed in the primordial roots, with the procambium and the ground meristem becoming distinguishable from the apical meristem.
primary xylem: Derived from procambium and divided into the earlier protoxylem and the later metaxylem.