problem solving

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problem solving

the process of recognizing a problem, defining it, identifying alternative plans to resolve the problem, selecting a plan, organizing steps of the plan, implementing the plan, and evaluating the outcome; a performance component of occupational therapy.
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problem solving

Graduate education A strategy which confronts the student with a problem situation, and requires development and application of a plan to reach a solution
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Q. how can i solve my back and shoulder problems? also how can i get raid of my eye bugs?

A. krando,
many thanks i will try those tips you just give me...wish you a wonderful and safe and sound newly year...

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The problem involved two stages, i.e., problem exploration and problem solving. The rationale of this two-stage interactive problem was for students to explore the problem situation as well as to understand the underlying system (system representation) and then to apply obtained knowledge (represented system) to solve a new problem situation.
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"Problem solving is a process that can be broken down into four steps: (1) understand the current situation; (2) identify the root cause of the problem; (3) develop an effective action plan; and (4) execute until the problem is solved, making modifications as necessary.
According to James Rooney and Deborah Hopen, authors of "Problem Solving Should Be like Treasure Hunting" in the Journal for Quality & Participation, "The fundamental approach that separates structured problem solving from other methods is root cause determination.

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