problem solving

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problem solving

the process of recognizing a problem, defining it, identifying alternative plans to resolve the problem, selecting a plan, organizing steps of the plan, implementing the plan, and evaluating the outcome; a performance component of occupational therapy.

problem solving

Graduate education A strategy which confronts the student with a problem situation, and requires development and application of a plan to reach a solution


a question to which there is no obvious, immediate answer; a question that requires some work done on it before a solution can be available.

problem herds
herds which do not respond to the general control program for a particular disease and require special examination to elucidate the error and additional control measures to overcome it, e.g. a mastitis problem herd with a bacterially contaminated water supply.
problem knowledge coupler system
computer-assisted diagnosis system designed for use in human medicine; based on a special matching algorithm known as pattern recognition.
problem list
the list of problems to be overcome in a particular patient; in hospitals using a problem-oriented case management system.
problem name
a generally accepted, preferred name for a clinical sign, syndrome or other indicant such as a positive laboratory test, poor work or production performance or poor reproductive result.
problem-oriented case management
a system of managing patients based on the recognition of the patient's problems as targets for correction, planning the treatment program to achieve that, and assessing performance in terms of results with each of the problems and with the case overall. It is an excellent teaching procedure but is also helpful in maintaining the correct perspective in the patient's program.
problem-oriented diagnosis
a system of diagnosis that starts off with the cardinal sign presented by the patient and proceeds in steps to identify the body system involved, the part of the system affected, the nature of the lesion and the cause of the lesion.
problem-oriented medical record
see problem-oriented medical record.
problem solving
the basis of clinical veterinary (and most other) education; learning diagnosis by practicing resolving clinical problems—the essential problem being 'which disease is most likely to be the cause of the syndrome presented by this patient'.

Patient discussion about problem solving

Q. how can i solve my back and shoulder problems? also how can i get raid of my eye bugs?

A. krando,
many thanks i will try those tips you just give me...wish you a wonderful and safe and sound newly year...

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However, some direct instruction of active categorization strategies can be useful as it has been demonstrated to improve problem solving ability in even average learners (Kercood, Zentall, & Lee, 2004).
Problem solving also requires pain and sometimes embarrassment, and the very nature of the individual is to avoid pain at all costs.
The optimal solution would be a whole network of Newtons, each highly competent in a particular field, each firmly dedicated to collaborative, innovative problem solving, and each connected to everyone else by no more than six degrees.
Various problem-solving strategies employed in counseling can be applied to problem solving in advocacy, and these counseling strategies have the advantage of an empowerment focus.
If students, when they practice, are to become thought generators and decision makers beyond the inane, teachers must 1) take responsibility for the quality of practice that occurs at home; 2) make the teaching of problem solving a lesson priority; 3) provide a structure that organizes thought and action relative to problem solving in practice; and 4) focus less on showing and telling students and more on creating opportunity for students to problem solve in the teacher's presence.
Children with MD encounter challenges in a range of mathematical problems including mathematics computations, concepts, and problem solving (Zentall & Ferkis, 1993; Miller & Mercer, 1997).
Throughout Risk, the authors expressed the concern that higher skills like comprehension and problem solving were being neglected in favor of mere basic skills such as number facts, phonics, and spelling.
For the first time, this year, the program will combine solving actual problems that participants submit, as well as adding a systematic approach to problem solving.
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