problem patient

A ‘difficult’ patient who may be profoundly annoying, poorly compliant, belligerent, antagonistic, etc.
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problem patient

Medical practice A 'difficult' Pt, who may be garrulous, poorly compliant, belligerent, antagonistic. See Patient noncompliance.
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Q. Does anyone have ideas for ways to overcome concentration problems without depending on medications? I'm reallllllly trying hard to study for my final exams and my ADD seems to bother me every time I touch the desk. Sometimes my thoughts fly out when I only think of how much I still have to study today!!! please- help if you can... I really don't want to start with meds...

A. Omega-3 fatty acids, phosphatidylserine, zinc and magnesium may have benefits with regard to ADD symptoms. i take omega-3 fatty acids every day for the past year and it helped me go threw a ruff year of studying.

Q. i have high sugar problem .. how can i reduce it to a normal levels? and what medications can help me?

A. You can watch your diet and limit the amount of sugar you consume (avoid sugar containing food and drinks). In addition, watching your weight and limiting the fat and carbohydrates in your diet is also very helpful. Daily physical activity is known to be very helpful for glucose level problems, and of course medication, if necessary. You should consult a doctor about which medications to take, depending on your glucose levels. It can be either pills or insulin injections.

Q. Can someone who is suffering with allergic problem get cured with some medications or with time get hiled. I'have been having the problems with my eyes since 1996 up to now i'never got better or any improvement.and whever went doctor they all tell me that i'm suffering with allerge they enfasise me to avoide things like direct sunlight,dust,winds by covering them with eye optics. my quesion is will i'get better with time?because all among the mentioned staffs never worked for me.

A. you may need to change your environment. Relocating to another location with a cleaner atmosphere or a different climate may help. ask your physicians.

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Vivi begins her summer internship with everything perfectly planned, but things quickly go awry when she encounters the one person she never expected to see again-and the two are assigned to care for the hall's problem patient, Angel.
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10:20 p.m.: Highland Street, problem patient causing a disturbance.
Michael said: "Too much calcium can make people aggressive and confused, so dad became a bit of a problem patient.
Every doctor has a problem patient, someone whose name you groan to see in your schedule and whose calls you delay returning.
But it''s Ivy, a problem patient, who dominates the day.
Getting On (BBC4, 10.30pm) A problem patient causes drama on the ward with her aggressive behaviour.
Accordingly the articles focus on recognition of the problem patient. Johan Diedericks has given insight into paediatric cardiac murmurs.
Another problem patient is the one who consistently shows up late for appointments.
Thus today, at age 58, when presented with an obstetric or gynecologic emergency after a full day at the office following a sleepless night spent with a problem patient in labor, I can order appropriate diagnostic studies by rote.
Case Conference was designed to try to get a fresh look at a problem patient by bringing in a world expert to talk things over.

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