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Organizations that have not yet implemented SNOMED for problem lists will need to assess their EHR system's capabilities and determine how to convert current problem list terminology into SNOMED.
Make a problem list by writing down the most likely causes for the problems your patient is having at this time.
Karen Dorway, Bauer's president and director of research, said the company has fewer that 300 institutions on its problem list.
At the current time our vendor's native problem list uses the ICD-9 listing as vocabulary.
New features now available in VA Blue Button include: demographics, problem list, admissions and discharges (including discharge summaries), laboratory results (microbiology), pathology reports (surgical pathology, cytology and electron microscopy), vitals and readings, radiology reports, and a listing of Electrocardiogram (EKG) reports.
But, over 60 years ago, the Korean War popped to the top of the most important problem list in 1951 and 1952.
Rural survivors fared worse on every mental health outcome variable that was measured by the university researchers, including subscales of the Medical Outcomes Study (MOS-36), the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS), and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Distress Thermometer Rating and Problem List.
All chronic, persistent patient diagnoses or complaints should be documented on the Problem List in Epic, with the exception of highly sensitive diagnoses such as those associated with mental healthcare.
This includes a problem list compile by the speakers that reflects some of the most important questions in various areas of logic, and the presenters cover such topics as a stationary-tower-free proof of the derives model theorem, a proof of an absoluteness theorem, a simple inductive measure analysis of cardinals under the axiom of determinacy, the complexity of index set and Ehrenfeucht theories, computable structures in familiar classes, the classes of separating sets, voting rules for infinite sets and Boolean algebras, "very mad families," Borel boundedness and the lattice surrounding property, and Steinhous sets and Jackson sets.
Rising insurance costs remained at the top of the problem list for small business owners.
I suggested that she make a list of her problems and next to each problem list one or more solutions.
Reznik continues: ICIS goes beyond image capture and storage to delivering the particular types of images that are important to the particular physician viewing the health record, knowing what treatment plan they are related to, what problem list they belong to, and what case they are associated with.

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