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Act of "walking" the tip of a probe along the junctional epithelium within a sulcus to assess the condition of the periodontal tissues.
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While considering the inherent limitations of this study, we can conclude that probing depth using a manual periodontal probe produced high reproducibility in healthy individuals.
For example, consider probing two 100 [OMEGA] resistors in parallel which equate to a 50 [OMEGA] load (see Figure 9).
Bleeding on probing may be present with or without disease activity and the absence of bleeding upon probing does not necessarily indicate an inflammation-free site or a healthy oral environment.
Current pulse probing also works well when the motor is stopped and when the motor is turned off.
The Tektronix P75PMT Probing Module Tip costs about 5% of the price of the P750020-GHz Differential Probe.
Probing RF/microwave test structures is now easier than ever.
The Fast Auroral Snapshot (FAST) satellite will examine the electric and magnetic fields and charged particles that lie just above the auroras, probing the processes that generate these fireworks.