probability sample

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prob·a·bil·i·ty sam·ple

each individual in the sample has a known, generally equal, chance of being selected.
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Because the new sample design would have retained the current sample, rather than using a randomly selected sample, it would not qualify as a probability sample.
traceability) among the different levels of requirements, as evidenced by GAO's analysis of a random probability sample of requirements, which revealed large percentages that were not traceable backward to higher level requirements, or forward to more detailed system design specifications and verification methods.
Any probability sample can be subjected to evaluation by application of the laws of probability, however arbitrary the choice of sample size.
First, in a probability sample of a large enough overall size, adequate numbers of subjects from less common subpopulations may not be present.
In that study, a statewide probability sample of fifth- and seventh-grade students measured aerobic capacity, body composition, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility and frequency of physical activity.
We drew a stratified random probability sample of 496 inspectors from the population of 2,989 aviation safety inspectors.
The data, from a national probability sample of HIV-infected men and women aged 18 or older, were gathered through in-person interviews in late 1998.
The General Estimates System (GES), which began in 1988, provides data from a nationally representative probability sample selected from all police-reported crashes resulting in property damage, injury, or death.
First, agents should determine whether a taxpayer has appropriately used a probability sample to support or stand as the primary evidence of tax amounts.
She expanded coverage of the prices of services in the Producer Price Index and instituted improvements in the Current Employment Statistics program, including the substitution of a probability sample for the quota sample.
The design and implementation of a nationally representative probability sample of persons with a low-prevalence disease, HIV/AIDS.

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