Compounds or agents capable of generating toxic oxygen species. Compare: antioxidant.
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While the study's results have not yet been tested in people, they raise the possibility that cancer should be treated with pro-oxidants and that cancer patients should not supplement their diet with large doses of antioxidants.
Intrinsically, cancer cells have higher basal levels of ROS which if supplemented by additional oxidative insult by pro-oxidants can be cytotoxic, an example being Malabaricone-A (MAL-A).
28,29,30) The deleterious effects of cigarette smoking are thought to be due to the presence of pro-oxidants within the smoke; these pro-oxidants promote oxidative stress and are particularly damaging to the lipid membranes of cells.
The key to good health is a balance between anti- and pro-oxidants.
Murray said that the antioxidant activity of curcumin is superior to antioxidant nutrients like vitamin C and E, as they are effective against only water and fat-soluble pro-oxidants.
What has been found is that antioxidants referred to in the literature are also pro-oxidants, inducing the formation of hydrogen peroxide, a necessary biochemical requisite for optimal cellular function.
pic-noj-en-ol), an antioxidant from French maritime pine tree bark, is effective in improving performance and endurance and reducing muscle cramping and soreness by controlling oxidative stress - an imbalance between antioxidants and pro-oxidants in favor of the latter that can hinder the body's ability to repair muscle damage.
Although there have been thousands of studies on antioxidants' effects on the body, I think we are all sure that these foods containing antioxidants don't have any pro-oxidants in them.
Theories include the possibility that antioxidants become carcinogenic pro-oxidants at high doses; there may be interplay between the different types of tocopherols; high doses of vitamin E may inhibit absorption of other, protective fat-soluble vitamins; and genetic susceptibility may affect the actions of antioxidants.
While most people believe that "more is better," there's a delicate balance between anti-and pro-oxidants.
Are there no pro-oxidants to stand up for their rights?
Aloin and aloe emodin may act as either pro-oxidants or antioxidants dependent on their concentration [12].