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adjective Not public; in UK medical parlance, private refers to diagnosis or treatment by independent (non-NHS) providers.

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Q. I am upset by the lack of privacy at dialysis centers. Does anyone see their nephrologist in private office? My nephrologist comes to see me and examine me while I am receiving dialysis. I understand his talking to me but the exam is objectionable and I am unable to ask personal questions because everyone is listening. I am told they are all old and don't hear us but that is patronizing and extremely rude. Are there rules against this? Why can't we have office visits where there is some privacy?

A. I live in Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada and if you need to ask personal questions you can make an appointment to see your doctor in the clinic.
But when I was in Calgary Alberta they would make you a appointment every 3 months to see the doctor.

Q. what would be the best way to protect my teeth from decaying?i fill pain always in my private parties,what prb whenever i take long with out sex,so i would like the advice from my fewwol

A. i fail to see the connection between teeth and groin pain...about the teeth. it's very very simple- get used to a healthy oral hygiene. brush your teeth in the right way twice a day for at least 6 minute. use floss. go to a dental hygienist, she'll guide you through it.

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Last but not least, contentions about the (alleged) self-interest of volunteers are accommodated by defining the personal benefits of volunteering not as ends in themselves but as private means to public ends.
They also stood trial for putting public and private means of transport at risk, training on using weapons and explosive to carry out terror crimes, taking part in a terror crime and hiding a wanted suspect.
The project eyes activating the connection between local areas and cities, reducing users of private means of transport and thus cutting traffic congestion, in addition to providing more than 1,500 jobs.
According to Vegas Jets' media contact Thomas Schneider, "Flying private means getting your own private terminal and bypassing the TSA.
Global leaders are slowly waking up to the reality that falling out with President Trump on the phone in private means nothing; they know that they are going to be blasted in public on Twitter in proportion to the heat of the conversation that they have with the president.
Our roads are meant for community use, but they are instead largely used by private means of transport.
And, thanks to his wealth, he had an hilarious otherworldliness when it came to paying his staff assuming that they were all of 'private means'.
The top 10 occupations were: 1: Unpaid domestic duties 2: Shop owner/worker 3: Clerk /administrative duties 4: Paid domestic duties 5: Retired 6: Machinist 7: Typist 8: Incapacitated 9: Private means 10: housekeeper
While being private means a company doesn't have access to public funding, there are plenty of good reasons to stay private if you have access to capital elsewhere.
Given the area's organic evolution as market- cumresidential and chaotic development, public transport systems were preferred over private means. The Press Enclave Road ( PER), which acts as a transport spine linking all the three areas, suffers huge congestion, the study points
The two are to work together to provide investment banking services to Israel-based companies looking to raise debt or equity on public markets or through private means. They will also offer strategic advisory services in North America and other regions.
The A82 Trunk Road (Glen Gloy Realignment) (Side Roads) Order 2014 under sections 12(1) and (5) and 70(1) of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984, the general effect of which will be to provide for the construction of new private means of access to the new trunk road; the stopping up of various existing roads; the stopping up of various private means of access; and the provision and improvement of certain new private means of access.

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