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, pl.


(priz'mă, priz'mah-tă),
A structure resembling a prism.
[G. something sawed, a prism]


, pl. prismata (priz'mă, priz'mă-tă)
A structure resembling a prism.
[G. something sawed, a prism]
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We assessed the quality of each meta-analysis article by scoring them based on the 27-item checklist of the PRISMA statement.
PRISMA MCC's improved functionality includes built-in system redundancy, unified communications and automated reporting to improve the MCC operation and streamline the search and rescue process.
The PRISMA checklist on the other hand strives to ensure transparency and validity of results by requiring protocols and their registration and mentioning information sources and date of search.
One had a PRISMA flow diagram [11], the preferred way to report this information.
We hope that information reported as a result of our using the PRISMA statement will help readers to judge the believability of the results of systematic reviews as they consider applying them in clinical practice.
In addition, its small, lightweight design also makes PRISMA 2 K BTE a cosmetically appealing solution for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss.
We believe that the new European platform PRISMA will be a major step towards an integrated European gas market.
PRISMA 2 hearing instruments can be precisely fitted and fine-tuned using Siemens CONEXX[TM] programming software, which has a new, easy user interface designed especially for this line.
The company s HaliaA and PRISMA Solutions can help both municipal and industrial customers improve the quality of their water and wastewater streams for reuse or discharge, increase their treatment capacity, and reduce the cost and environmental footprint of their treatment processes.
Air traffic management will be offered by COMSOFT s PRISMA for the Kingdom s entire airspace, with installations in Jeddah, Riyadh, as well as the Approach Unit in Dammam.
O seu conteudo pode ser contemplado por cinco prismas interligados.