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, pl.


(priz'mă, priz'mah-tă),
A structure resembling a prism.
[G. something sawed, a prism]


, pl. prismata (priz'mă, priz'mă-tă)
A structure resembling a prism.
[G. something sawed, a prism]
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PRISMA MCC's improved functionality includes built-in system redundancy, unified communications and automated reporting to improve the MCC operation and streamline the search and rescue process.
We hope that information reported as a result of our using the PRISMA statement will help readers to judge the believability of the results of systematic reviews as they consider applying them in clinical practice.
In addition, its small, lightweight design also makes PRISMA 2 K BTE a cosmetically appealing solution for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss.
The combination of BLE and PRISMA on the ProQuest platform is unique and very powerful for researchers," said John Pegum, ProQuest senior product manager, Humanities.
We believe that the new European platform PRISMA will be a major step towards an integrated European gas market.
PRISMA 2 hearing instruments can be precisely fitted and fine-tuned using Siemens CONEXX[TM] programming software, which has a new, easy user interface designed especially for this line.
Air Products PRISMA Oxygen VSA and Nitrogen PSA Systems are now successfully operating at Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority (CCMUA) in New Jersey.
Now with Oce PRISMA Accounting Software, print performance can be associated with production expenses, so operations get a clearer picture of costs of their production runs for more accurate pricing and other financial analysis," said Joyce Virnich, Vice President, Marketing, Oce North America Commercial Printing Division.
With Oce PRISMA Accounting Software, users can verify document content and production from data stream production to delivery to ensure compliance.
With PRISMA Matrix, Johnson & Johnson Wound Management continues its pioneering role as a wound care industry leader," stated William Li, MD, President of the Angiogenesis Foundation in Cambridge, Mass.
PRISMA Matrix is intended for the management of exuding wounds.
Oce PRISMA, Oce DocSetter, Quick Change Color System and Oce PRISMAproduction are trademarks of Oce-Technologies B.