prism cover test

prism cov·er test

measurement of the deviation in strabismus by the alternate cover test combined with neutralization for the deviation using prisms.
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Deviation was measured with a prism cover test, torsion was measured by double Maddox rod test, and extraocular muscle function was assessed using a Hess screen.
It is the authors' opinion that making such estimates is prone to significant interpractitioner variability, thus it is preferable to use some form of quantifiable test, such as the prism cover test.
Evaluation of muscle balance revealed an intermittent exotropia of 25 prism diopters, which was the same for distance (6 m) and near (1/3 m) in the alternate prism cover test. The right eye was the dominant eye.
Critically ill patients, patients with preoperative amblyopia, coexisting ocular disease, neurological or systemic impairment, consecutive exotropia, manifest exotropia, large vertical deviation, pattern deviation, variable measurement of deviation preoperatively on prism cover test, paralytic strabismus and poor follow up patients were excluded.