principal diagnosis

prin·ci·pal di·ag·no·sis

(prin'si-păl dī'ăg-nō'sis)
The diagnosis that is found, after testing and study, to be the main reason for the patient's need for health care services.
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The principal diagnosis and reason of admission was a dengue shock syndrome with complications, multiple organ dysfunctions and other troubles.
Each case was discussed in the weekly clinical case round chaired by senior psychiatrists and a consensus was reached on the principal diagnosis (if any) based on the 10th revision of the International Classification of Diseases.
The AHRQ PSI 03 uses administrative claims data at the hospital admission level and excludes cases meeting the following criteria: (1) if they have hospital length of stay less than 3 days, (2) if they have a principal diagnosis for pressure ulcer, (3) if their secondary pressure ulcer diagnosis is reported by the hospital as POA (POA indicator variable = "Y"), (4) if they are transferred from another facility, (5) if they are admitted for pregnancy, childbirth, or puerperium (Major Diagnostic Category 14), (6) if they are admitted for a skin disorder (Major Diagnostic Category 9), (7) if they have any diagnosis consistent with hemiplegia, paraplegia, spina bifida, or anoxic brain injury, and (8) if they receive a procedure for debridement or pedicle graft during their hospital stay.
There was a significant increase in the total number of hospital discharges with the principal diagnosis of DKA from 2003 to 2014, from 118,808 to 188,965.
Since third parties reimburse hospitals based primarily on diagnosis, hospital staff assign the case to a given Diagnostic Related Group (DRG), depending on the principal diagnosis, which is the diagnosis that was primarily responsible for the hospitalization.
Clinicians should screen for BPD in patients presenting to a general psychiatric outpatient practice with a principal diagnosis of MDD, bipolar disorder, PTSD, or panic disorder with agoraphobia.
This finding is consistent with the EDCCP care plan tracks formed using the top principal diagnosis of the identified population.
It's not uncommon for external auditors to identify situations where the incorrect principal diagnosis has been selected or an incorrect principal procedure code has been assigned.
Malformation of multiple organs in the genital tract was the principal diagnosis and reason for surgery.
The study included patients [greater than or equal to] 18 years of age discharged with a principal diagnosis of pneumonia according to standards of the International Classification of Disease, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM).
Eclampsia/severe pre-eclampsia was the most common pre-ICU admission principal diagnosis, in 14/41 (34.1%) and 13/43 (30.2%) of patients with and without AVFs, respectively.
(7) For the remaining records, we determined disease cases and nonbattle injury cases using the principal diagnosis code.

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