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(prī'mŭs), This form of the adjective is used only with masculine nouns (digitus primus, plural digiti primi). With feminine nouns the form prima is used (phalanx prima, plural phalanges primae), and with neuter nouns the form primum (septum primum, plural septa prima).
First; denoting the first of a series of similar structures.
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The Primus eCRM Software family provides applications for managing each step of the customer lifecycle and integrating knowledge across customer visits.
CONTACT: Kristin Treat of Primus Knowledge Solutions, +1-206-834-8325, or mobile, +1-206-954-8790, or ktreat@primus.
Primus, who has all of his attendance certificates dating back to kindergarten, says his original goal was just to get through Dunsmore Elementary School with perfect attendance.
We regard our Private-Label association with PRIMUS as yet another positive step in providing the best service for our dealers and their customers," said George Muller, SOA president and chief operating officer.
The PRIMUS Canada office will open February 15 in the Ottawa suburb of Gloucester and will serve customers throughout Canada.
Primus Guaranty, LTD is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PRS.
Voice processing will enable PRIMUS to maximize responsiveness to its customers, increase customer satisfaction, enhance management team performance and improve process efficiencies.
By deploying iXTools ASP, Primus will significantly enhance their interconnect operations and strengthen their overall position as one of the leading telecom providers in the industry.
The name PRIMUS works well from a marketing standpoint," said PRIMUS President George Watts.
Primus Guaranty is a Bermuda company, with the operations of its principal subsidiaries, Primus Financial Products, Primus Asset Management and PRS Trading Strategies, headquartered in New York City.
Analysts and institutional investors interested in attending should contact Primus Investor Relations to register for the event.
Primus Guaranty is a Bermuda company, with the operations of its principal subsidiaries, Primus Financial Products and Primus Asset Management, headquartered in New York City.