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The rhizome and roots of a number of species of Primula (family Primulaceae), primrose or cowslip; has been used as expectorant, diuretic, and anthelmintic. In some sensitive persons contact with the plant causes a rash.
[Mediev. L. primrose, fem. of L. primulus, first]
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Sometimes I fantasise about living in a hot and dry country, where lavender and verbena flourish and the fruit on my fig tree finally ripens.And then the candelabra primulas come into flower and I thank my luck stars for our damp climate.
While fresh cheese destined to become Dragon cheddar is allowing the flavour to develop, other batches are trucked to the Primula factory in Gateshead, run by a charity since 1924.
"We've come across so many people over the years who don't understand how we're able to get real cheese and other fresh ingredients into our tubes, so we can't wait for viewers to see just what goes into making Primula Cheese.
To continue this joyous show of spring colour, Candelabra primulas are wonderful plants for damp borders and look best grown in bold drifts in the boggy soil surrounding ponds.
Primula is one of the first plants to flower in the spring, rapidly provides plenty of colour for the garden and patio, and likes to be a bit sheltered.
Primula is part of the Kavli Group, which is fully-owned by the charitable Kavli Trust, based in Norway.
To order by debit/credit card, call 0843 922 5000 quoting SM36098 or send a cheque made payable to MGN SM36098 to Primula Primlet (SM36098), PO Box 64, South West District Office, Manchester, M16 9HY or place your orders at
Good plant partners for traditional Primula vulgaris include burgundy-leaved heuchera such as 'Amethyst Myst', violas, hellebores and daffodils such as N.
The programme was jointly organised by Primula Beach Hotel, Terengganu Civil Defence Force, Terengganu Press Club (Kawat) and McDonald's from 9am to 4pm.
The new Primula product, which combines chopped jalapenos with its Original Cheese for an intense flavour kick, will provide a spicy alternative in the spreadable cheese fixture.
The main active compounds of Primula flowers and roots are triterpene saponins as well as phenolic compounds, including flavonoids (about 3% in flowers), phenolic acids, and phenolic glycosides [7, 8].
* Exfo Cream ($33, women; $28, men) is an exfoliating cream formulated with apricot seed extract, ginger, and a hint of primula (botanical herb) to hydrate skin and stimulate cell renewal.