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Plural of primordium.
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Plural of primordium.
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(pri-mord'e-um) plural.primordia [L. primordium, origin] Anlage.
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The Schoenoplectus-type embryo is reconstructed as the ancestral embryo-type in the MRCA of the Fuireneae + Cypereae clade with a clavate outline, a lateral root cap, two differentiated plumular leaf primordia and a parallel germ pore.
We observed neither first pereopod primordia nor a rostrum in the zoea larva after hatching.
Shoot primordia were obtained from 8 calli and after being transferred to shoot multiplication media i.e.
Before head eversion, the imaginal tissue of the eye antennal, clypeolabral, and labial discs had fused, and pb-GAL4 was expressed strongly in the fused labial discs, in the antenna, and in the primordia of the maxillary palpus (Figure 2(A)).
This section reveals stipule (S), leaf primordia (LP), and colleters (C) emerged from secretion; B--Stipule base colleters immerse on secretion (SE); C--Colleters immerse on secretion (SE); D--Colleter tip emerged from secretion.
Because they are "primordia -- concerned with fundamental human questions...
The formation of primordia or fruiting initials marks the initiation of fruiting body production.
Temperatures during inflorescence primordia initiation, however, have a major influence on the inflorescence number per bud, (5) and thus the subsequent shoot, highlighting the importance of yield prediction tools.
In the present study, explants from leaf primordia (0.51 cm.) from the fresh plant of P.
After the intestine and cloaca merge, the primordia of the respiratory trees appear on the dorsal side of the cloaca (Figure 2(d)).
Primordia of hair follicle were observed in 6.7 cm CVRL (58 days) buffalo fetus.