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(prī'mŭs), This form of the adjective is used only with masculine nouns (digitus primus, plural digiti primi). With feminine nouns the form prima is used (phalanx prima, plural phalanges primae), and with neuter nouns the form primum (septum primum, plural septa prima).
First; denoting the first of a series of similar structures.
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Una volta elaborato, sia nel Manifesto UDA del '29 che nei primi aforismi sulla paura dello stesso anno, il tema dell'inconscio--non a caso tra le lettura del giovane Bernari c'e il Lautreamont dei Canti di Maldoror--l'attenzione dello scrittore si concentra sul surrealismo di cui a Napoli giungono forti richiami che attirano i tre giovani autori del Manifesto udaista a Parigi.
Primi, R., Nakano, T., C., Morais, F., & David, A.
The data found by Carvalho and Primi (2015) did not indicate need for development of more pathological items for the Impulsivity dimension, indeed, it was one of the less endorsed IDCP dimensions.
It is worth noting that both sets of items refer to the tendency towards self-entitlement and depreciation of others, however, there are also items in the IDCP dimension that refer to persecution delusions and need for recognition (Carvalho & Primi, 2015; Krueger et al., 2011).
Our results are similar to what is reported in several studies with the scale (Chen et al., 2013; Hoyle et al., 2002; Primi et al., 2011; Stephenson et al., 2003) and are sufficient for conducting research studies, which is the main use that the scale will have.
This dimension includes a tendency to help others instead of oneself--and even to act in a detrimental fashion towards oneself, in favor of others (Carvalho and Primi 2015).
In the DCPI this dimension refers to the tendency to exhibit sad and irritable mood, but also to oscillations in mood and beliefs which lead to impulsive and extreme reactions, often generating guilt, and which may result in suicide (Carvalho & Primi, 2015; in press).
No entanto, ha consenso entre autores ao explicarem que diferentes testes projetivos contam com metodos quantitativos de avaliacao, baseados na psicometria, que possibilitam classificar as respostas de forma objetiva, permitindo concordancia significativa entre os examinadores, alem das evidencias de validade e fidedignidade, destacando-se entre estes testes o metodo de Rorschach e o teste de Zulliger (Duarte & Bordin, 2000; Exner & Sendin, 1999; Villemor-Amaral & Primi, 2009)
Recent studies on BPR have suggested that the heterogeneity of situations presented by the items may allow students to respond through practical intuition or tacit knowledge, and through a process of visualization (Amaral, Almeida, & Morais, 2014) which could generate the presence of a specific factor associated with visual capacity (Lemos et al., 2013; Primi et al., 2013).
Naturally, several comparisons between CTT and IRT are expected to be found in the literature, showing their operation differences, advantages and disadvantages (Amarnani, 2009; Embretson & Reise, 2000; Fan, 1998; Hambleton & Jones, 1993; Pasquali & Primi, 2003; Rueda, 2007; Valentini & Laros, 2011; Wiberg, 2004; among others).
Causes and management of high foetal head in primi gravida at term.
The mean difference of number of ANC visits between Primi Para and Multi Para mothers was found to be 0.883 (P < 0.001) which was statistically significant.