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Dating of Perupithecus relies on comparisons with primate fossils of known age found elsewhere in South America and the age of the geologic formation from which the fossils were excavated.
The study also reports that primates in zoos expend as much energy as those in the wild, suggesting that physical activity may have less of an impact on daily energy expenditure than is often thought.
Xijun said: "Archicebus marks the first time that we have a reasonably complete picture of a primate close to the divergence between tarsiers and anthropoids.
The list features nine primate species from Asia, six from Madagascar, five from Africa and five from the Neotropics.
The letter, which calls on the UK Government to dissociate itself from the cruel trade in wild-caught primates for research, is today published in the Times and Guardian newspapers.
The IUCN has announced that 48% of primate species are now either endangered.
Dean Wall said it was "hard" to give up the parish visits but to make up for this, all Anglicans in the diocese will be invited to attend the installation ceremony for the new primate.
This is believed to be the first time that a global animal protection campaign has been initiated in the US and European Parliaments on the same day, and signals an international drive to end non-human primate experiments.
It's possible, though, that primates are infected with an equally divergent simian version that just hasn't been found yet.
Adding to its eeriness, the aye-aye is active only at night; the house-cat-size animal is the world's largest nocturnal primate.
Wild primate populations have the potential to serve as origins and reservoirs of certain human pathogens, ranging from virus to helminths (1).
But by the time of Christ, humans had probably become the most numerous primate species, when our population passed 250 million, on its way to 1 billion by the early 1800s.