primary reinforcement

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pri·mar·y re·in·force·ment

satisfaction of physiologic needs or drives, such as those supplied by food or sleep.
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It was shown earlier in the case of PV series that the increase in ratio of primary reinforcement beyond 0.
1) The failure mode of corbels with neither secondary reinforcement nor primary reinforcement was brittle and explosive when corbel was subjected to only vertical loading;
2) The ultimate load of a corbel was increased by increase in percentage of primary reinforcement steel, nevertheless, it is mostly pronounced for lower ratios of the main reinforcement;
Primary reinforcements are mostly attributed to the cause of ductile failure and secondary reinforcements are accentuated when either combination of vertical and horizontal loading or dynamic loading is involved.
The results of McDevitt & Williams (2001) and Ploog (2001) show that delayed primary reinforcement can have important effects on behavior.
It is likely that procedural considerations modulate the degree to which delayed primary reinforcement effects are evident.
Overall, the results of these studies call into question our current understanding of how and when delayed primary reinforcement will affect responding.
Secondary reinforcement and the rate of primary reinforcement.
R] are the overall rates of primary reinforcement on the left and right keys, respectively; T is the average overall time to primary reinforcement measured from the onset of the choice phase; and [t.
If the pigeon accepts the alternative then the search key turns off and the pigeon is committed to finishing the selected alternative's schedule for primary reinforcement (handling stage).