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the roof of the mouth. The hard palate is the front portion braced by the upper jaw bones (maxillae); it has a bony framework and forms the partition between the mouth and the nose. The soft palate is the fleshy part arching downward from the hard palate to the throat; it separates the mouth and the pharynx. When a person swallows, the rear of the soft palate swings up against the back of the pharynx and blocks the passage of food and air to the nose. A fleshy lobe called the uvula hangs from the middle of the soft palate. adj., adj pal´atal.
cleft palate see cleft lip and cleft palate.
premaxillary palate (primary palate) that portion of the palate that was the median nasal process during early development.
secondary palate that portion of the palate that was the lateral nasal processes during early development.
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pri·mar·y pal·ate

in the early embryo, the shelf, formed from the median palatine processes, that anteriorly separates the oral cavity below from the primordial nasal cavities above.
Synonym(s): primordial palate
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pri·mar·y pal·ate

(prīmār-ē palăt)
In the early embryo, the shelf, formed from median palatine processes, which anteriorly separates oral cavity below from primordial nasal cavities above.
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Irf6 is expressed in the facial primordium prior to and during morphogenesis of the primary palate (Washbourne & Cox, 2006), and preliminary findings in mice have revealed Irf6 expression in the medial edge epithelia of fusing secondary palatal shelves, tooth buds, hair follicles, and skin (Kondo et al., 2002).
The repair of the lip and scarring in the vicinity of the primary palate have been incriminated as the reason for maxillary deficiency in both anteroposterior and vertical dimensions.
It is due to the failure of fusion of the maxillary and medial nasal processes (formation of the primary palate).

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