primary organizer

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a special region of the embryo that is capable of determining the differentiation of other regions.
primary organizer the dorsal lip region of the blastopore.
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pri·mar·y or·ga·niz·er

the organizer situated on the dorsal lip of the blastopore.
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She played an important role in the Pakistan Movement and was the primary organizer of the All India Muslim Women Students Federation.
KDUK was the primary organizer of the event, which was titled Eugene Idol.
"Yoga allows us to have a clear mind and healthier body," said Dalal, the primary organizer in this year's yoga festival.
This year, many of the same elements that have drawn bigger crowds each year are returning, according to the primary organizer of the event, Brian Gaucher.
The primary organizer and owner of the Beirut Fashion Week trademark Maalouli International Group last held the event in April 2006, in a five-day show at Buddha Bar in Downtown.
He was a member of the board of governors of the Mass Horsemens Council for many years and was the primary organizer of the first Cross State Trail Ride.
This was the vision of Buji and Nikki Libarnes, the founders and primary organizers of the event, and owners and designers of San Juan's Vessel Hostel.
One of the primary organizers, Sean Scanlan, said 'major events should have a cause behind them, and right now one of the most important things people can do is change their consumption habits.'
( Battle for the Net has been one of the primary organizers it in ongoing fight to defend net neutrality.
The primary organizers and sponsors of Malcolm X's speeches were Detroit-area activists, including James and Grace Lee Boggs, married radical thinkers and activists; brothers Richard and Milton Henry, Detroit attorneys and Black Nationalist organizers; and Albert Cleage Jr., the founding pastor of Central Congregational United Church of Christ, which, in 1967, was renamed the Shrine of the Black Madonna.