primary metabolite

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pri·mar·y me·tab·o·lite

a metabolite synthesized in a step in primary metabolism.
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primary metabolite

a METABOLITE produced during the GROWTH of MICROORGANISMS and essential for that growth. Examples include AMINO ACIDS, SUGARS and VITAMINS. Compare SECONDARY METABOLITE.
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The three bacteriocins under investigation were produced during the exponential phase and appeared to be primary metabolites. During the exponential growth phase, the bacteriocin activity was increasing continuously and the highest bacteriocin titre was reached at the end of this phase.
The purpose of this study was to employ a batch equilibration technique utilising a complex solvent extraction scheme to examine the sorption potential of a NZ dairy farm soil amended with 3 contrasting biochars for a natural sex hormone (oestradiol, E2) and its primary metabolite (estrone, El).
Its primary metabolite, hydroxy-nefazodone, has activity similar to that of the parent compound in terms of its effects on 5-HT2 receptors and serotonin reuptake.
The primary metabolite of TPHP (DPHP) was found in 91% of samples, and the primary metabolite of TDCIPP (BDCIPP) was found in 83% of samples.
Interestingly, trazodone's primary metabolite is m-chlorophenylpiperazine (mCPP), which is itself an abused "designer drug" and thought to be responsible for some of the effects attributed to trazodone.
Callus obtained from 2, 4- D (6.78[micro]M/liter) was further evaluated for primary metabolite estimation and antioxidant activity.
DDE, the primary metabolite of DDT, acts as an endocrine disruptor, causing reproductive and immunological disorders in a wide number of animals, including humans.
It has been shown that in some soils, chlorpyrifos is rapidly hydrolysed to its primary metabolite, TCP and the rate of hydrolysis increases with an increase in soil pH (Racke et al.
For DEHP and DiNP, the ratio between the molar concentration of the primary metabolite {MEHP [mono(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate] and MiNP, respectively} and the total molar concentration of all four metabolites was calculated as the percentage of MEHP (%MEHP) and MiNP (%MiNP) as a measure of an individual's pattern of metabolism of DEHP and DiNP (Joensen et al.
Perhaps the most striking aspect of the second-tier test relates not only to its ability to reduce false-positive rates derived from screening for the primary metabolite of a disorder but also to its capacity to expand the number of disorders by using the same screen for the same metabolite as a secondary metabolite for other diseases.
MBzP is the primary metabolite of BBzP, an HMW phthalate used in plastics and other materials in the home.
P-gp is involved in the disposition and uptake of several antidepressants into the brain, including amitriptyline and its primary metabolite, nortriptyline.

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