primary irritant dermatitis

pri·mar·y ir·ri·tant der·ma·ti·tis

a frequently cumulative reaction of irritation on exposure of the skin to substances that are toxic to epidermal or connective tissue cells; lesions are usually erythematous and papular, but can be purulent or necrotic, depending on the nature of the toxic material applied.
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Incidence % Cheilitis 95 Facial erythema 67 Facial dermatitis 65 Vestibulitis/epistaxis 55 Blepharo-conjunctivitis 30 Primary irritant dermatitis 30 Discoid eczema 30 Follicular eczema 30 Xeroderma 30 Table 2: Isotretinoin: mucocutaneous side-effects with an incidence of less than 10%.
As primary irritant dermatitis becomes a thing of the past thanks to disposable diapers, other conditions will comprise a greater proportion of diaper-area eruptions, said Dr.
In most cases, these signs, which are essentially those of a primary irritant dermatitis, are accompanied by symptoms that, in the mildest cases, may only be slight soreness and/or irritation but may progress to quite unpleasant burning discomfort.
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