primary hyperthyroidism

pri·mar·y hy·per·thy·roid·ism

hyperthyroidism due to a disorder originating within the thyroid gland, in contrast to one of pituitary origin; may be due to generalized overactivity of the gland, to a localized hyperactive nodule, or to circulating antibody, which stimulates the gland (long-acting thyroid stimulator).
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Approximately, 30% of the patients with TSHoma are misdiagnosed with primary hyperthyroidism and might undergo such thyroid ablative treatment as antithyroid medication, thyroidectomy, or radioactive iodine thyroid ablation before their pituitary lesion is found.[sup][23] In our study, one patient had been misdiagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis.
Just after the diagnosis of primary hyperthyroidism in the outpatient clinic, patients were assessed regarding hand grip strength, function, and dexterity.
Therefore, for the first time, we evaluated hand grip strength, dexterity, and function in patients with primary hyperthyroidism in this study.
Fifty-one patients newly diagnosed with primary hyperthyroidism and 44 healthy controls participated in this cross-sectional study.
Five years later, primary hyperthyroidism was diagnosed due to weight loss, body tremor, sweating, and palpitations and treated with methimazole for only three months (patient decided to suspend her treatment).
For solving of given task, the results of analysis in 52 children suffering from kidney form (KF) of primary hyperthyroidism (PHPT)--29 sick children--and mixed (damage of kidneys and bones) form (MF)--23 sick children--were analyzed.
The clinical manifestations of primary hyperthyroidism are due to the metabolic effects of the increased levels of circulating thyroid hormone.
The diagnosis of primary hyperthyroidism is based on clinical presentation, serum thyroid hormone levels, and radioiodine scanning (Scharf, Ahmad, Gaughan, & Soliman, 2006).
Incidence, clinical characteristics and outcome of congestive heart failure as the initial presentation in patients with primary hyperthyroidism. Heart 2007 Apr; 93(4); 483-7 Epub 2006 sep 27
In overt primary hyperthyroidism TSH is nearly always below 0.10 mIU/l and the FT4 is above the reference range.
Other circumstances that permit Medicare-funded BMD tests in men or women include primary hyperthyroidism, use of glucocorticoids, long-term use of other osteoporosis-associated drugs, and monitoring of therapy or progression of disease.
On behalf of the Third International Workshop on the Management of Asymptomatic Primary Hyperthyroidism. Guidelines for the Management of Asymptomatic Primary Hyperparathyroidism: Summary Statement from the Third International Workshop.

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