primary health care

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primary health care

a basic level of health care that includes programs directed at the promotion of health, early diagnosis of disease or disability, and prevention of disease. Primary health care is provided in an ambulatory facility to limited numbers of people, often those living in a particular geographic area. It includes continuing health care, as provided by a family nurse practitioner.


first; basic.

primary accession
the first contact with the veterinarian by an animal for the particular condition or disease incident that is the cause of the visit.
primary accession practice
a veterinary practice that does most of its work with primary accession cases—not a specialty practice.
primary bile acids
see bile acids.
primary carcinogens
substances that react directly with a specific biological group in living tissue resulting in the development of a neoplasm. They are mostly synthetic compounds or metals.
primary case
the patient which brings the disease into the population.
primary complex of Ranke
in the pathogenesis of tuberculosis is the primary lesion with a similar lesion in the draining lymph node.
primary health care
routine outpatient care.
primary immune response
see humoral immunity.
primary intention healing
see healing by first intention.
primary rumen cycle
primary ruminal tympany
intrinsic to reticuloruminal dysfunction; not secondary to traumatic reticulitis, esophageal obstruction.
primary ruminant gastrointestinal dysfunction
dysfunction intrinsic to the gastrointestinal tract of the ruminant; not secondary to dysfunction in some other organ.
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The ministry said that cooperation with the Canadian organization in the implementation of the third stage of the project ultimately build up local capabilities, so that Lebanon's primary health care sector can eventually be self-sustaining.
Working in partnership with Datix and Health Matrix to implement the new system, and building on the success of the processes already in place for managing incidents and complaints, supports the vision of strengthening all aspects related to health and wellness through primary health care.
Indeed, Primary Health Care as envisioned at Alma Ata had very strong socio-political implications.
Rural dwellers need a wide range of health information access, especially in all areas of primary health care services which include the services of special centres.
Qatar, like other countries, has many Primary Health Care Centers spread across the country that are designed to help and maintain the wellness of the community by looking after their basic healthcare needs and being the first port of call before being referred on to hospital.
The Declaration proposed the primary health care approach as the strategy to strengthen health systems, but was more than this, as argued by the current Director-General of the WHO, Margaret Chan.
It also takes in access to multidisciplinary primary health care teams which include health professionals such as nurses, other doctors, dieticians and nutritionists.
Annual expenditures on primary health care for individuals attending an outpatient HIV clinic in Alabama amount to nearly $20,000 per patient; the drugs used for highly active anti-retroviral treatment (HAART) account for more than half of the total.
These grants will help an estimated 632,000 Americans, including many without health insurance, obtain comprehensive primary health care services.
Where HIV is a leading cause of adult death, this means primary health care should integrate HIV services with other primary health care initiatives.
Project COAL unites the NIEHS center with De Madres Madres, a North Houston community-based organization supporting at-risk pregnant Hispanic women, and Casa de Amigos, a Harris County primary health care provider, in a community-wide effort to decrease childhood lead poisoning and residential asthma triggers.
International Conference on Primary Health Care Alma-Ata, (Kazakstan) USSR, September 6-12, 1978

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