primary care physician

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primary care physician (PCP, P.C.P.)

Etymology: L, primus + ME, caru, sorrow; Gk, physikos, natural
a physician who usually is the first health professional to examine a patient and who recommends secondary care physicians, medical or surgical specialists with expertise in the patient's specific health problem, if further treatment is needed.

primary care physician

A mainstream physician who provides care to a patient at the time of first (non-emergency) contact, which usually occurs on an outpatient basis. In the US, primary care providers include internists (formerly, general practitioners), family practitioners and paediatricians; in many regions of the US, gynaecologists provide primary care to women.

primary care physician

A physician who provides care to a Pt at the time of first–non-emergent contact, which usually occurs on an outPt basis; PCPs include internists (formerly general practitioners), family practitioners, or emergency room physicians. See Family practice, General practitioner, Internist.

pri·mar·y care phy·si·cian

(prī'mar-ē kār fi-zish'ăn)
A physician in family practice, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, or pediatrics who is a patient's first contact for health care in an ambulatory setting.
See also: health care provider

primary care physician,

n the first medical doctor a patient will seek for care. A specialist for general conditions.
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78% believe that when clinically appropriate, telehealth will reduce patient costs, but under the current fee-for-service reimbursement system, only 8% of primary care physicians are interested in participating in virtual visits until there will be a financial gain.
Psychiatrists should remind primary care physicians that the patient's hopelessness may continue during treatment and that they should watch for suicidality, he added.
Pain specialists will need to help primary care physicians improve their skills and provide consultations on difficult patients in order to build expertise, he said.
Both primary care physicians and hospitalists saw the system's decision-making process turning more bureaucratic and complex.
Southwest Doctors, PA (SWD) is a multi-specialty physician group composed predominately of primary care physicians including board-certified pediatricians, family practice, and internal medicine physicians who provide healthcare services to Houston and the surrounding suburbs.
Do you see the role of the primary care physician changing, not only as more providers get in on the care of a patient, but as patients themselves are taking more of an initiative in their care?
Physician income increased 6 percent for primary care physicians.
In the growing managed care environment, primary care physicians are looked upon as the best resource to provide the general health care needs of a community and help keep costs down by acting as coordinators of care who recommend hospital or specialists' services when appropriate.
CHCF commissioned Harris Interactive[R] to conduct two sets of surveys, one of ED patients and one of primary care physicians and ED physicians.
Services provided at the Health Centers will focus on prevention and the total management of each patient's health care needs under the supervision of a primary care physician.
The primary care physician often receives a financial incentive to limit referrals to specialists and/or is required to get approval before referring a patient.
When consumers visit the primary care physician in QualChoice that they have designated, they pay only $10 per visit.

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