primary cancer

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adjective Referring to the first site or place of origin.
noun The site of origin of a cancer, usually understood to be epithelial or mesenchymal malignancy—i.e., non-lymphoproliferative or non-myeloproliferative.

primary cancer

The original cell or tissue type from which a metastatic cancer arises.
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In the 42 TNE cases, 4 primary cancers were biopsied through a port on the endoscope; 2 of these cancers were in the tongue base, 1 in the hypopharynx, and 1 in the aryepiglottic fold (figure).
While the higher doses cure more primary cancers, he says, only future studies will reveal whether the focused beams limit second-cancer risk.
Secondary liver cancer occurs when seedlings of tumour from a primary cancer break away and spread to the liver, usually through the bloodstream.
It encourages primary cancer prevention through lifestyle training and offers resources for non-toxic approaches as adjuncts or alternatives to conventional cancer treatments.
Secondary cancer should not be confused with primary cancer of the liver.
Results of an eight-year study continue to demonstrate that surgical removal of a segment of the breast containing a primary cancer tumor (lumpectomy) followed by radiation therapy produces as good long-term survival and disease-free rates for women as does total mastectomy, or complete breast removal.
Patients for whom a primary cancer site was predicted and who were treatment candidates were assigned standard site-specific first-line therapy.
The brain tumour turned out to be a blessing in disguise as scans found it was a secondary cancer and pinpointed the primary cancer as a pea-sized growth on Janice's lung that will be easier to remove because it has been detected so early.
This module enables the Pathologist to accurately and efficiently report primary cancer cases per CAP regulations.
Brain disorders that could potentially benefit from incorporating ARMAGEN's proprietary approach into therapeutics include Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Huntington's, bovine spongiform encephalopathy, West Nile virus encephalitis, Neuro-AIDS, brain injury, spinal cord injury, metastatic cancer of the brain, metastatic breast cancer of the brain, primary cancer of the brain and Multiple Sclerosis.
The follow-up time was divided into 5 categories: (1) 31 days to 1 year; (2) 1 to 5 years; (3) 5 to 10 years; (4) 10 years or longer; and (5) total time from first primary cancer diagnosis.
He said: "The fall in the number of deaths is occurring in most cancer sites, but it is disappointing to see an increase in the number of deaths from primary cancer of the liver and mouth.

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