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Further, they have to pretend that they can separate out the primary action of the medicine from all the side effects, which they cannot." The more drugs are given continuously, the more they create a reaction within the patient's body.
Other Eisteddfod concerts include a primary action songs competition, a secondary action songs competition and orchestral competition.
HF: You will begin the catalogue for the installation with two old pieces: To Lift [1967], which proposed a primary action or process in your work; and To Encircle Base Plate Hexagram, Right Angles Inverted [1970], a steel circle embedded in a derelict street, which established physical site and social context as fundamental to your practice.
Although albuterol can inhibit mediator release, its primary action is to relax smooth muscle.
* Stop identifying tobacco brands in movies, either in the film's primary action or in background scenery.
Part 2 changes pace considerably, seeming to drag at times, with the primary action being Paco's attempt to prove himself innocent of the assassination of Luis, his father-in-law.
Classes 5 and 6 were right and left writers, respectively, who preferred the other hand for at least one primary action.
'If we were in the position the Government has got itself into now, the primary action would be simply to do what most of the other European countries have done,' he said.
Most critically, we identified our primary action for success--"streamlining" the process.
While the primary action is in the ring, the production around the arena combines Broadway spectacle with rock 'n' roll noise, American pro-wrestling bombast with a fetish for factoids and statistics.
"The first condition of the double effect analysis," he said, "requires that the primary action (the cause that has two effects), must itself be morally good or indifferent." He went on to say "Since the primary act here is condomistic intercourse, it is not morally good nor indifferent; indeed, it is an intrinsically disordered act to which the double effect analysis cannot apply at all."
While both were able to comprehend more of the text with these strategies, it was Ross who was more articulate about the story; he was the one who seemed to grasp not only the primary action of the story, but even some of its more figurative connotations.

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