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action, primary 

Term referring to the greatest effect of an extraocular muscle in one plane. The other actions are called the subsidiary or secondary and tertiary actions. The primary action of the inferior rectus is depression; of the superior rectus, elevation; of the inferior oblique, extorsion; and of the superior oblique, intorsion. The medial and lateral recti muscles exert their primary action in the primary position, that is, pure adduction for the medial rectus and pure abduction for the lateral rectus. See forced duction test; red glass test.
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Drugs produced using biotechnology are excluded unless their primary action is immunologic.
The primary action of streaming is through viscous drag forces exerted on the algal cells by the acoustically induced flow.
For example, Holcomb says that the real shocker was the answer to the question: What primary action will your company take if diesel fuel rises to $5 a gallon?
For a long time, the primary action used in lightweight rifles was the Remington 700.
The primary action we can take is to follow the CDC's 2009 (CAUTI) Prevention Bundle (CDC 2009).
South Wales Police are very sorry about the actions of our two respective call members both in Gwent and South Wales Police and we're absolutely making it our primary action to make sure this doesn't happen again.
New initiatives in the last two years in NZNO have meant that we now have a PHC national delegates committee, dedicated PHC activist education programmes and the Primary Action national newsletter.
The primary action plan of the forum is to conduct awareness campaigns in labour camps and wherever workers live in groups because they are the ones who mostly fall victim due to their need for money," said Mr Balakrishnan.
The primary action takes place over the course of about two years but each time Danny's age is mentioned he's a year older.
Researchers propose an extract of Gingko biloba (EGb) as an adjunct to pharmacological treatment as the primary action of Ginkgo in the body is as an antioxidant.
and Canada a new market for their products, and distribution is the primary action item these days.
Although recent Iranian cinema is full of notable films where the primary action takes place in an automobile (Abbas Kiarostami's "Ten" and Niki Karimi's "One Night" come immediately to mind), none gives as accurate a picture of Tehran's horrendous traffic and nonstop noise and bustle as "Three Women"; Minoo constantly shrugs off small bumps from the car behind her while driving and talking on her mobile.

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