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The state of being primary, or foremost in rank or importance.
[see primary]
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This book examines China's Belt and Road Initiative within the context of the country's grand strategy for global primacy. It describes the history and elements of the Belt and Road Initiative; comparisons to the 1948 Marshall Plan; four projects (the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor, the Sri Lankan port of Hambantota, and China's purchase of the controlling interest in the Greek Port of Piraeus) that illustrate the strategic mindset of China and what it needs to learn as the initiative reaches into other countries; China's African investments; and the need for an American grand strategy for China.
In short, for the Business Roundtable and the CEOs it represents, shareholder primacy has never meant shareholder democracy.
I have always given primacy to peace and development in our region."
In practice, American political leaders use the national grand strategy, be it primacy or something else, as a shorthand way of explaining the complex security environment to the public and its elected representatives, and as a very broad and pliable set of historically derived best practices and aspirations.
Bishop of the diocese of Huron Linda Nicholls, who served on the primacy task force in 2010, describes the primate as "the voice of the Anglican Church of Canada--to the wider Anglican Communion and the world."
"We shouldn't kid ourselves and think it's 'Kumbaya' time," says Rick Wartzman, a director at the Drucker Institute and author of "The End of Loyalty." "I do think in this tug of war between shareholder capitalism and stakeholder capitalism, shareholder primacy is undoubtedly winning.
In 2015, Michelin debuted EverGrip Technology in the Premier A/S tire, which now forms the foundation of the all-new Primacy 4.
If surrendering US primacy in the region to Russia was the result of US passivity and inaction, the intrusion of Iran into Syria can very definitely be attributed to ill-conceived, active American policy.
The first chapter covers the lead-up to a new focus on primacy and infallibility: the period between the French Revolution and the mid-19th century, with all the political challenges for the Roman papacy coming from both the heirs of the revolution (Napoleon especially) and the attempt of the "restoration" of the pre-revolutionary theological-political system of Europe after 1815.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 28, 2017-Microgen Acquires Canadian Trust and Fund Administration Software Firm Primacy
MalacaNang chose the primacy of the war on terror over the primacy of the peace talks, Iqbal said in a news conference, and many people died.