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The state of being primary, or foremost in rank or importance.
[see primary]
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At the core of his exploration lies the concept of "final primacy," a concept that seems to borrow equal parts from narratology, philosophy, and theology: ".
Obviously, most people lived in local communities like Colyton and so the variants on the larger themes bulk large in any account that gives primacy to lived experience in the world of work, class formation and gender relations--as opposed to neo-classical generalities and model-building
Robinson maintains there are no similarities because they have agreed primacy of FOOTBALL tenancy who has first claim on the ground but he's miles wrong.
And in Rotherham's case, although they now play at Milmoor, which is certainly up to standard, they are the sub-tenants of Rotherham United and do not have primacy of tenure.
What is most important for the future generations is that the entirety and the primacy of the security council is maintained.
Hall Willkie of Brown Harris Stevens, chair of REBNY's Residential Research Committee, said that "Manhattan co-ops' unmatched record of appreciation for almost every type of unit in all our survey areas is an indisputable indicator of New York's entrenched primacy among the world's cities.
This book, which is actually about recent Dutch architecture, urbanism and landscape - and not just the landscape of its title - will be closely scanned for hard evidence of the primacy of the Low Countries during this current half decade and perhaps longer.
The primacy of the book follows naturally from its form.
Johnston explained how, in countries that insist on the primacy of their standards, auditors would determine whether to follow local or international standards.
Specifically, the research investigates whether primacy effects in auditor belief revisions are a conditional function of the level of inherent risk present in the audit environment (high/low) and the nature of the information contained in the latter portion of the information sequence (e.
On the American side, it is clear that the idea of the primacy of power in realizing the creation of cultural and artistic objects is of key importance, while the French aim more to celebrate and share the rich, diverse holdings and the history of the Bibliotheque Nationale de France.