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Prima Donna is aged until it reaches the pinnacle of flavour.
In one of the rare essays on the prima donna that engages with issues of race, Susan C.
Many critics resisted the allure of a prima donna as a tawdry distraction from 'proper' attention to the arts of the - male - composer.
Rufus Wainwright's Prima Donna opened at the Palace Theatre in Manchester last week.
The term prima donna carried specific connotations regarding the nature of the role and the amount of music to be sung.
If you seriously consider hiring a prima donna, Toker says, weigh your ability to harness that strong producer against how he could disrupt business.
You must hold your prima donna or "prima don" to the same standards as the rest of the team.
There should be no feeling that one is more important than the other, or you are a prima donna, Pimentel said.
Prima Donna leggero is the light variety in the Prima Donna family and contains only 17.
IT debuted the play in London and now Catfish Theatre is heading to Liverpool's Lantern Theatre to present The Bald Prima Donna here.
How can a working man have anything in common with a pumped-up prima donna earning more in a week than he can expect to bring home in five years?
On the eve of their Group Nine crunch in Skopje Macedonia's star man Goran Pandev is furious after being branded a lazy prima donna by veteran Norway boss Egil Olsen.