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Prima Donna is aged until it reaches the pinnacle of flavour.
In one of the rare essays on the prima donna that engages with issues of race, Susan C.
Many critics resisted the allure of a prima donna as a tawdry distraction from 'proper' attention to the arts of the - male - composer.
Rufus Wainwright's Prima Donna opened at the Palace Theatre in Manchester last week.
The temperament of the prima donna frequently mirrored those of the characters she personified, usually classical goddesses or historic characters whose life stories were epic dramas with emotional peaks that rivalled Everest.
Prima Donna is a premium line of specialty cheeses featuring a unique combination of the best traditional Dutch cheese and Italian Parmesan flavours.
The Bald Prima Donna is at the Lantern Theatre in Blundell Street on Friday at 7.
The eccentric 67-year-old said last month: "Pandev's a very good playerbutobviously he is a prima donna, a player it's easy not to like.
Instead, it is a history of the working prima donna with an emphasis on little known singers who were the backbone of operatic life during this period.
This was the start of a great leap in breeding sweet peas as in 1899 Prima Donna produced a variant with wavy petals.
Along the way, Deanna's slimy agent, her pacifying producer, her lunkheaded love puppet and even the prima donna herself get to flash their moments of humanity.
Auf Wiedersehen Pet star Jimmy Nail claimed yesterday his pounds 30,000 damages for false allegations about his sexual behaviour and prima donna attitude made libel 'cheap at the price' for newspapers.