prickly ash

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Northern prickly ash

Herbal medicine
A deciduous shrub that contains alkaloids, coumarins, resins, tannins and volatile oil. Prickly ash bark and berries have a long tradition among herbalists; they are regarded as carminative, diuretic and vasodilatory, and have been used for toothaches, rheumatic pain, and may protect against cancer.
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Since the two main invasive species, prickly ash and European buckthorn are not considered particularly flood tolerant, the decreased flooding regime is also a likely contributing factor, particularly given the results at Wyoming Bluffs.
Adding prickly ash to a mouthwash is like massaging your gums every day.
It is not always recognised that many of our most important herbs may be trees or shrubs - Mountain Ash, Prickly Ash, Mahonia and Linden to name only a few.
Bark, berries and wood of the prickly ash were used for many medical concoctions.
PRICKLY ASH ISN'T A NAME that invites culinary experimentation.
Prickly ash, black locust, barberry, buckthorn, and maples in the shrub layer were killed, while young oaks appeared unaffected.
Their Szechuan when it starts to simmer starts that complex potpourri of a paste made from dried chilies, prickly ash or Szechuan peppercorns, ginger, garlic, white pepper, sweet wood spices.
Sichuan (Szechwan) Pepper corns are a distinct Oriental spice from the seed pods of the Prickly Ash tree, Zanthoxylum piperatum.