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Seven-year-old Shanai Turnbull, who was pricked by a needle while playing in her garden.
Jeanne Harris, aged 61, pricked her left finger when pruning roses in her garden on a Sunday afternoon in June last year, her husband said in a statement to the hearing at Cirencester Magistrates Court.
Since the scare broke out in Tianjin after Christmas, an undetermined number of worried residents have gone to hospitals for blood tests after complaining of being pricked secretly by people with needles.
He pricked his finger with a syringe full of the virus without noticing.
If you look round the garden centres at the moment there are thousands of small pots of seedlings that are just waiting to be pricked out.
It is believed two of the tots may have pricked themselves with the danger needles.
One widely cited 1931 experiment, for example, showed that some newborns displayed little or no behavioral response when pricked with a pin.
The video would show either just the hand, the hand being pricked by a needle or being poked with a cotton bud.
The council worker was cleaning the public facilities in Pontypridd when he reached behind a toilet roll holder and was pricked by the used hypodermic syringe.
WOODLAND HILLS - Serrania Elementary School suspended a campus fund-raiser that relied on recycled soda cans after a student was pricked by a syringe needle found inside a can, officials said Thursday.