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For the year 2000, the average number of employees amounted to 89 (277), while the number of employees as per December 31, 2000 amounted to 46 (223, of which 50 in Pricer ESL).
As per December 31, 2000 the equity stated in Pricer AB amounted to 102.
Uppsala, February 23, 2001 Pricer AB (publ) The Board of Directors
FORECAST After the divestment of Intactix, the Pricer result will only be affected by the development of the ESL market.
For further information, please contact: Thomas Landberg/Britt Sandberg, President and CEO, Pricer AB +46 18 188 100
Invoicing in 1999 relating to the Pricer ESL system amounted to 113.
The corresponding operating result for Pricer, excluding Intactix, for the fourth quarter amounted to -25.
During the year, Pricer has made share issues in April and November that have yielded around 280 MSEK before issue costs.
Pricer still has the right to repay half the present loan, including accrued interest, with a new series B share issue.