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The oil price war has got the GCC states to draw much on their huge financial reserves.
Neither has the performance of retailers been affected by their level of involvement in the price war.
We are at the beginning of all-out price wars as the big supermarkets struggle to compete with the big discount chains and changing consumer shopping habits, believes retail entrepreneur Peter O Toole.
were among those who said the cuts might be the start of a price war among members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) seeking to maintain market share.
That was the move, which triggered the price war then.
The price war amongst the big four is really damaging them all and making it into a race to the bottom.
The headache for the grocer investor is the tonic for the consumer - it's likely these price wars are here to stay.
The price war blew up after millions of customers deserted Tesco, Asda and Morrisons for discount stores Lidl and Aldi.
The firm revealed a slump in sales as the effects of a price war in the supermarket sector continued to bite
Summary: Muscat: Yet another price war has erupted in the Oman-India skies as low-cost airline SpiceJet .
THE price war that has been waged by bookmakers in recent months became more and more heated in the run-up to Cheltenham, with firms "keen to steal lunch off the plates of our competitors", as David Williams of Ladbrokes described it yesterday as layers reflected on the festival, writes Stuart Riley.
MORRISONS claimed success in a supermarket price war as it unveiled a better-than-expected rise in annual profits.