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A boundary or end.
[L. limes, boundary]
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A ceiling, boundary, endpoint, maximum. See Abbe limit, Age limit, Catastrophic limit, Ceiling limit, Class limit, Confidence limit, Control limit, Flammable limits in air, Hayflick limit, Kerley limit, Lowest explosive limit, Nyquist limit, Permissible exposure limit, Product limit, Short-term exposure limit, Speed limit, Time limit on certain defenses, Upper explosive limit, Upper flammable limit.
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A boundary or end.
[L. limes, boundary]
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A boundary or end.
[L. limes, boundary]
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Q. What is the limit........ What is the limit for a normal person to jump?

A. Next time you watch a basketball or volleyball game, notice how high the athletes jump to block a shot or spike the ball. Ever wonder if you could jump as high? Stand next to a wall with a short pencil in your hand and hold your arm as high above your head as you can, keeping your feet flat on the floor. Make a mark on the wall to note your standing reach. Then jump as high as you can, keeping your arm high above your head. At the top of your jump, make another mark on the wall. It works best to stand close to, but not touching the wall when you jump. The difference in height between the two marks is a measure of how high you jumped. You may be able to jump higher if you change how much you bend your knees before jumping. If you don't bend your knees much, you don't get much extra push. On the other hand, a deep crouch overstretches the thigh muscles, making them less efficient in pushing you off the ground. Experiment to find the amount of knee bend that gives you the most height. Swi

Q. Is there a limit to how long the suit should be worn? Hi, my wife Lee, 36 always wear sauna suit for very long walk in hot sun. I am concerned because she walks alone and takes diet pills to boost metabolism. Is there a limit to how long the suit should be worn?

A. While doing this, she should be very careful. Sauna suits help to keep the muscles warm and that is what causes the sweat and they do not necessarily promote weight loss. She has to keep herself hydrated! Ask her to drink tons of water because her body is rapidly losing it. In other words, the weight loss is more water which can be gained back very quickly. I would recommend weight training and cardio exercise at least 4 times a week. Also, exercising in the morning has great metabolic effects. Therefore, put an end to diet pills because they are not good for your wife!!

Q. Have alcohol-related crashes decreased in other states when they lowered the limit? I have a doubt even after updating with the local news. Have alcohol-related crashes decreased in other states when they lowered the limit?

A. Wisconsin has seen nearly a two percent decrease in alcohol-related crashes and almost a fourteen percent decrease in alcohol-related fatalities a year after implementing a .08 law. Since South Dakota put .08 in effect in 2002, alcohol-related crashes have decreased by 2.1 percent from the average of the previous three years.

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To test for the impact of the price limits on the volume of trade in the Nigerian equity markets we replicate Equation (9) on traded volume within the sub-samples periods of the different price limit regimes in the market, thus
The tight price limit on EGX meant that limits were reached relatively frequently for the firms studied here.
Third is allowance for investors to engage in intraday trading, so as to hedge against higher investment risks associated with the increase of daily price limit.
The first policy in the study is a market stabilization regulation that imposes 10 percent price limits on daily stock price movements effective December 16, 1996.
First we construct three portfolios on the basis of the ranked price limit rates of each day to adjust cross-sectional differences besides price limits.
Then, as if to reaffirm her previous price limit, she added that "I can't say that I would go higher on a regular basis."
Most vintage Champagne exceed the $25 price limit. But there are other well-made sparkling wines you can proudly offer as a gift.
To do so, the authors focus on the announcement and implementation of rule changes to a specific circuit breaker: a decision by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) to modify its price limit rule for the Standard and Poor (S&P) 500 stock price index futures contract.
We were able to document the water companies' performance during the first year of the price limits set in 1994.
First, we examine the economic role of daily price limits in futures markets in an effort to isolate or characterize the basic tradeoff(s) involved in a rational daily price limit policy.
If the trading was not executed within five working days from the date of moving price limits, the last closing price before moving the price limits will be confirmed.
Under the deal, the range of price limits should be expanded to 20 percent daily, according to the statement.