preventive dental hygiene

pre·ven·tive den·tal hy·giene

(prĕ-ventiv dentăl hījēn)
Aggregate efforts to promote, restore, and maintain oral health.
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I am able to provide preventive dental hygiene services to my patients from age 1 to 101 (and counting)
The DPBS scores of the study sample suggest that dental hygienists feel prepared and competent to perform preventive dental hygiene services without dentist supervision.
If the goal is to provide preventive dental hygiene services for a community, such as dental sealants in a school-based sealant program, many programs do not require an advance degree since a dental hygiene license is what is required.
Another approach that would be beneficial is to document in clinical practice and community settings the outcomes achieved by preventive dental hygiene interventions.
Dental hygienists need to not forget the importance of early preventive dental hygiene education.
Frequency of appointments for preventive dental hygiene services can be adjusted based on caries risk assessment with shorter intervals for patients with high risk.
The need for preventive dental hygiene care, however, was evidence by the increasing demand from the dental consumer, especially from those with limited access to care.
For those who deliver preventive dental hygiene care abroad, this is their reality.
A review of the literature: the economic impact of preventive dental hygiene services.
ADHA thanks Discus Dental for being the primary corporate sponsor for this community service event; the University of New Mexico for being the prime location to provide preventive dental hygiene services; all the coordinators, hygienists and student dental hygienists from the UNM class of 2008; and NMDHA.
14) Grant funds were initially provided to purchase portable equipment, and remaining and subsequent funding was used for preventive dental hygiene services, including dental examinations, pit and fissure sealants, and oral hygiene instruction.
In an effort to explore the economic impact of preventive dental hygiene services, three assumptions can be made.
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