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serving to avert the occurrence of; prophylactic.
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1. Preventing disease; relating to prophylaxis. Synonym(s): preventive
2. An agent that acts to prevent a disease.
[G. prophylaktikos; see prophylaxis]
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(prĭ-vĕn′tĭv) also


1. Intended or used to prevent or hinder; acting as an obstacle: preventive measures.
2. Carried out to deter expected aggression by hostile forces.
3. Preventing or slowing the course of an illness or disease; prophylactic: preventive medicine; preventive health care.
1. Something that prevents; an obstacle.
2. Something that prevents or slows the course of an illness or disease.

pre·ven′tive·ly adv.
pre·ven′tive·ness n.
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1. Preventing disease; relating to prophylaxis.
Synonym(s): preventive.
2. An agent that acts to prevent a disease.
3. Colloq. used to mean condom, and to a lesser extent, a method of birth control.
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1. Preventing disease; relating to prophylaxis.
Synonym(s): preventive.
2. Agent that acts to prevent disease. e.g., a condom
[G. prophylaktikos; see etymology of prophylaxis]
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Patient discussion about preventive

Q. Is there something I could do in order to prevent headaches? I have headaches often and somebody told me that there're steps to be taken in order to prevent headaches so often... Please help...

A. I just read your question on headaches. I have them occasionally as well. I don't like to take over the counter medication for headaches, so I rely on herbal supplemnts. You are ayoung man so I'm assuming you are very healthy. This herbal supplement shouldn't hurt you. It's very safe. I take at least 2 Valerian root capsules before going to bed. It relaxes your body abd it helps to eliminate headeaches.It also lowers the blood pressure which can sometimes cause headaches. Be sure you rule out any oraganic problems which can also cause headaches. You can find Valerian root at any health food/ organic markets.Also look at your diet MSG in food gives me headaches as well. I can always tell if it's present in foods right after I eat something processed. I stick with whole foods and I do yoga which helps as well. Let me know how if this works.

Q. How to prevent diverticulitis? I am a 43 year old man. I just had colonoscopy and my Doctor said I have diverticulosis and am at risk in developing diverticulitis. How can I prevent developing diverticulitis?

A. You have Diverticulosis, which means you have diverticulas (small pouches) on your digestive system. These diverticula are permanent and will not go away. No treatment has been found to prevent complications of diverticular disease. Diet high in fiber increases stool bulk and prevents constipation, and theoretically may help prevent further diverticular formation or worsening of the diverticular condition. Some doctors recommend avoiding nuts, corn, and seeds which can plug diverticular openings and cause diverticulitis. Whether avoidance of such foods is beneficial is unclear. If you develop unexplained fever, chills or abdominal pain, you should notify your doctor immediately since it could be a complication of diverticulitis.

Q. How to prevent Hemorrhoids? My brother is suffering from Hemorrhoids. I am very worried about getting them to and want to know how can I prevent them?

A. it's time to change to a healthier with fibers and vegetables.avoid causes like: Increased straining during bowel movements,portal hypertension, Obesity and Excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine.

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If vehicles were only looked at when they need something, the program would be reactionary rather than preventive. "The problem with reactionary maintenance programs," according to J.J.
Median drug costs during the last year of life amounted to $1,482 per person, including $213 for preventive therapies.
'Accused further argues that the purpose of preventive suspension is to prevent accused from obstructing investigators in the gathering of evidence and possible witnesses.
Researchers noted that the questionnaire, first fielded in 2014, is now a standard component of the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey and will allow researchers to better monitor shifts in the use of preventive services and the impact of policy changes.
At the individual level, people who seek at the least annual preventive healthcare services enjoy wholesome health.
The petition further disclosed that the petitioners have overall served for more than 30 years as preventive officers and inspector preventive service before being promoted to superintendent preventive service.
"Our study supports the argument that the ACA's cost-sharing provisions are an effective way to increase uptake of clinical preventive services, although overall levels of service provision were still lower than those recommended," they wrote.
This enables customers to easily plan ahead their preventive maintenance.
The second guidance document issued today is a draft guidance that discusses the applicability of the "solely engaged" exemptions for the Preventive Controls for Human Food and Preventive Controls for Animal Food rules.
In this paper, we use proprietary medical claims data from a large manufacturing company, Alcoa, Inc., to explore how preventive care behavior responded to an insurance coverage change which increased patient prices for curative care while simultaneously decreasing patient prices for prevention.
Regarding barriers in provision of preventive measures, lack of patient awareness (59.4%) was rated highest followed by low priority in dental curriculum (12.6%).
According to the partnership, the preventive medicine is becoming a cornerstone of practice for general veterinary clinics, making it increasingly important for veterinary professionals to understand the benefit diagnostic testing can have on preventive care and keeping pets healthy.

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