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The griever’s perception that the suicide could have been prevented
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Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced at the Mid-America Trucking Show in March plans to make permanent the 24-month "Crash Preventability Demonstration Program." The demonstration program, launched by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) in August 2017, ended on July 30.
Among 251 pregnancy-related deaths evaluated for preventability by the 13 MMRCs, a determination was made for 232 (92.4%).
Among the limitations of this study, the use of preventability lists, which may vary according to the advances in knowledge and the use of new technologies, should be considered, as well as the need to respond whether the proposed causes can be affected by effective healthcare.
The preventability of each ADRs was assessed using modified Schumock and Thornton scale and was categorized as definitely preventable, probably preventable, and not preventable.
Potential identifiability and preventability of adverse events using information systems.
The irony of the 80 per cent preventability axiom is thus deepened by the ground reality rates of deaths, many of which could potentially have been prevented.
pADR--A pADR is harm caused from drug use following a medication error, in which case the Preventability Method (P-Method) can be applied to determine the preventable criteria which led to its occurrence.
Diagnostic error preventability: 60% were not preventable, 32% were possibly preventable while 8% were preventable.
It is for these reasons the Iowa case clearly deserves much greater outrage than the Texas case, simple preventability.
Maternal mortality in Syria: causes, contributing factors and preventability. Trop Med Int Health 2009;14(9):112-27.